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Ice Hockey League, Bolzano lost in the third game of the semi-finals – IBF

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The Spusu Vienna Capitals came from behind to win Game 3 of their “best-of-seven” semi-final series against HCB Südtirol Alperia 2-1 at the Sparkasse Arena in front of approximately 5,500 spectators. However, Bolzano still led in the semi-finals 2-1 winning their first two challenges. Matt Fratten puts the hosts ahead In power play after a negative first half (22./PP1). Shortly before the end of the middle period, JEremy Gregoire tied for the Austrians (37). theHe scored the winning goal for Vienna’s Bernhard Bosch, who scored their first goal in the play-offs in the 54th minute. On Friday the Caps will host HCB Südtirol Alperia at STEFFL Arena (19:15).

Coach Glenn Hanlon has to give up again injured Mitch Holtz: Amorosa, Brunner and Glock too for their rotation. Match coach Dave Barr was forced to go without Lucas Peve for the third semi-final match. The 22-year-old Fennessey was the eighth unavailable player for this game. Sascha Bauer, Ben Finkelstein, Dominik Hackl, Christoph Krump, Alexander Maxa, Yannick Belloni and Max Zimmer all missed Sunday’s second race.

Radim Matos scored the opening goal for the hosts in the second minute, but the puck went wide. A little later, Starkbaum had to step in for the first time after a foul by Matthias Böhm. In the sixth minute, Nico Bruner hit the goal from the blue line, but Sam Harvey saved it. Immediately Bolzano is dangerous in the opening with Thomas, while Vienna responds by introducing a wall that is close to the post. In a 4 vs. 4 Maintained Starkbaum commits, then Gazley hits the full crossbar on the counterattack: previously the accidental check of Halmo’s head was not recognized by the referees, with No. 91 meanwhile having to leave the ice for good. The red and whites continued to heat up the game and Fratten hit the post with a practically unguarded goal, then it was Dalhuisen who sowed panic in the Austrian rearguard with a fine personal play. Time ends 0-0.

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Just 36 seconds into the first half, Wall fumbled in the penalty area. First Fratten failed against Starkbaum, but in the 22nd minute Fratten himself deflected a pass from Thomas into the net. Two minutes later Darrick Angeli played a perfect pass in front of goal towards Brooks, but he couldn’t reach the puck. In the 25th minute Luca Frigo fired from distance but failed to surprise Starkbaum. Shortly thereafter, Valentine also failed to beat the goalkeeper in the caps. Nicky Hartle tried in the 25th minute, but was unsuccessful against Harvey. After Bradley’s shot was saved, Starkbaum had to show his quality again in the 27th minute. Miceli tries to counterattack, but at 36:30 it is Vienna who equalize: Harvey hits Bradley, the puck bounces mid-height, Gregoire pushes it into the net . The second half ends in a draw (1: 1).

33 seconds after the end of the first half, Enrico Miglioranzi was sent into the penalty area. However, the Viennese could do little with the extra man. In turn, Niklas Worschell went into the penalty area where the Foxes hit a sensational crossbar with a torpedo from Thomas. Frigo tries twice in the first half, then it’s McClure and Alberga who are held off by Starkbaum in two beautiful choral runs. At 53:32 the goal that decides the game: sees Antal Bosch, whose first shot hits Dalhuisen’s skate and cynically goes into the net. The Foxes, despite being tired, attempted the final attack and once again hit outside the post with a shot from Fratin. Vienna celebrates at the siren.

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On Friday March 31 at 19:15 Frank and his companions will return to the Steffl Arena in Vienna (live on VB33 and public viewing in the H1 Eventspace of the Fiera di Bolzano), while on Sunday April 2 (17:30 or 18:00) the race will take place Fifth at Sparkas Arena.

Fabio Armani after the match

HCB South Tyrol Alperia – spusu Vienna Capitals 1 – 2 [0-0; 1-1; 0-1] Series: 2-1

Goals: 21:16 Matt Fratin PP1 (1-0); 36:30 Jeremy Gregoire (1-1)

Shots on goal: 31-19
Penalty minutes: 4-8

Referees: Piragic, Zrnic/Nothegger, Seewald
Spectators: 5422

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