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I will be working with Will Smith soon.

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Will Smith was banned from the Oscars over the next ten years but that doesn’t seem to be a cause for concern in the least Michael Bay Who has already said that he is ready to work alongside the actor in the near future despite what happened at the previous Oscars.

In short, according to the director, the A slap in the face to Chris Rock distance Joke about Jada Pinkett Smith It should in no way affect the career of the former interpreter of the Prince of Bel-Air. In a recent interview, Bay said: “I will be working with Will Smith soon. I will work with him 100%. I have no doubt he is a very balanced man, and I have no doubts, he is a well-balanced person.”

Previously, Michael Bay pointed out how futile and useless it is A fruitless controversy has arisen over Will Smith for him A gesture at the 2022 Oscars. Indeed, in his opinion, with a war raging in the heart of Europe and dozens of children losing their lives every day, highlighting such an event is completely inappropriate.

But it seems that the world of Hollywood is not entirely in agreement with Michael Bay, There have been several temporarily frozen movies that Will Smith should have been involved in. There is also talk of one Stop Bad Boys 4. Maybe Michael Bay’s words can partially change things, what do you think?

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