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A new fairy tale to tell science – Il Punto Quotidiano

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Tale #11 is from the “Fairy Tales to Tell Science” collection, from Leah Minnow’s Creative Writing Lab. THE COBRU CATERPILLAR It’s spring and on the underside of a carrot leaf a butterfly has laid an egg. Once the egg hatches, the cupro caterpillar emerges. Kobro comes out after 4 days, when Ladybug gets close to Lola. Lola: “Ahahahaha who are you?” Kubro: “Umm! Hi, I’m Kubro and I just came out of my egg…” Lola: “Oh, you wouldn’t think of it, of how ugly and hideous you look already so old!” Kubro: “How!?” Lola: “Yeah, you got it right! I’m beautiful and elegant and you’re shabby and pale green! Ahahahaha! Terrible!” Kubro: “Well, so am I now. What’s your name?” Lola: “I am Lola and in case you don’t know, I am the most beautiful!” Kubro: “Oh, nice name, I’m Kubro.” Lola: Your name is as ugly as you! Kubro: “Dear Lola, you should know that after transformation I will be a butterfly in blue and red… Lola: “Of course! to be sure! I do not believe that! Ha-ha-ha!” and walks off laughing. About a month later Kubro undergoes transformation and becomes a beautiful butterfly. Lola reapproaches the carrot plant and meets Kubro’s butterfly. Lola: “Hey handsome young man, how charming you are with your bright colors! Fantastic!” Kubro: Hello, dear Lola, do you remember me? I am Kubro the hideous and scary caterpillar.” Lola: “I can’t believe my eyes! Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would turn out to be so charming!” Kubro: “I accept your apology. Now we can become good friends.” And so Lola and Cupro went foraging together. Never judge a person by their appearance, because inside they can be like a multicolored butterfly. By Alessia Acquaviva, Cristian Lorusso and Vincenzo Cognetti from Class 1 of the Vaccina School

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