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Direct accusations of Mirjana Trevisan

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Mirjana Trevisan –

Well-known showgirl Mirjana Trevisan has publicly accused a famous director of harassing her at work. to reply.

Mirjana Trevisan He mentioned in the past that he suffered sexual harassment by a well-known Italian director. She decided to tell her full account of events dating back more than twenty years, but she could never forget. The actress accused A Very important name in the Italian and international film industry, but never backed down and always proved to be very resolute.

A few years ago, like The MeToo phenomenonthe artist pointed his finger expressively Giuseppe Tornatorea world-renowned, multi-award winning director Oscars. She let herself go during an interview with Vanity Fairin which he reveals that this sad episode would have happened some twenty years ago, after the end of an audition that seemed to go well.

She had traveled to meet the director for a role in the film Legend of the pianist on the ocean, which was released to the cinema in 1998. She explains that they were alone in his office and were discussing a possible collaboration, and he suddenly changed the subject by inviting her to dinner. Then the situation deteriorate.

Miriana Trevisan, the accusations against Giuseppe Tornatore

Miriana Trevisan told everything to Vanity Fair, trying to explain how the events happened on that distant day many years ago.
It wasn’t a test, but a first meeting in light of a movie in progress, The Legend of the Ocean Pianist. There was a secretary who greeted me but then left. We were left alone. After some quiet conversations about the movie, when we were saying goodbye, the director asked me to go out with him that evening for pizza. I replied that I already had an appointment, thanked him and got up to leave“.

Giuseppe Tornatore News Cinema

Giuseppe Tornatore –

However, the principal did not take the rejection well:He followed me to the door, leaned against the wall and He started kissing my neck and ear, his hands on my breasts, very hard. I managed to get out and runThe actress also said that she remembers it well stare the man: “Enchanted when I entered, full of hate when I left. As if he had discovered that the sex toy had run out of battery. Mom, how did you cry?“.

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Despite the vehement allegations, Giuseppe Tornatore He did not feel his touch The actress immediately denied the words. “I am glad that a young woman remembers me after so many years. I only remember a friendly meeting, so I reject the insinuations that have been made against me while reserving the right to act in the appropriate offices to protect my integritySo, the director, in turn, accused her libel.

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