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Silver Kicknard-Fabry, Russian hat-trick among women

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Figure Skating, Skate Canada 2021: Kicknard-Fabri Friday, Russian hat-trick among women

Charlene Gignard and Marco Fabri – Photo Fisk

The night between Saturday and Sunday took place at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena in Vancouver Second and last day of Skate Canada International, The competition is valid as the second leg of Figure Skating’s 2021 Grand Prix. Victory was announced in the first race scheduled Art couple Chinese players Wenjing Shui and Kang Han easily separated their opponents by 17 points behind the American pair of Ashley Cain-Cripple and Timothy Leduk, despite Suu Kyi’s extraordinary fall in Triple Salcho. Day. The performance allowed him to climb to sixth in the free program and win the bronze medal behind the Russians Daria Pavluchenko and Denis Kodikin, the heroes of a series of mistakes in single jumps (ending with Daria’s fall. The advantage accumulated during Friday’s short program was enough to secure second place and take home the silver medal.

In the contest of Single male, American Nathan Chen returned to victory after a mistake in Las Vegas last week, finishing third unbeaten in more than three years. Sen, who arrived in Vancouver straight from Las Vegas earlier this week, directed a long, flawless program to train ahead of Skate Canada, performing a second four-legged foot loop with little resolution, but mostly compensated. Nearly 38 points were scored with the other two combinations. Contrary to expectations he did not have four times the ring, and he gave up four times loops, instead he gave up four times loops performed on Friday in the short show, a performance that guaranteed him to take first place with almost 50 points more than his followers.

Second place was secured for Jason Brown, who managed to maintain a respectable position for almost 90 points obtained in the elements of the project, despite errors in the four-stroke salvo and first triple axle. Eighteen-year-old Russian Evgeny Semenenko, the junior national champion last season, won the bronze medal, balancing the error on the triple axle by getting the second highest score in the long program with three of the best four.

In Ice dance, Canadian duo Piper Gilles / Paul Borier and the Beatles’ long performance to the song “The Long and the Winding Road” won their second title at Skate Canada International two years later. Before. Good Silver medal For Italian couples Charlene Gignard / Marco Fabri, The second-best scorer in the free competition, recorded the highest score in the single-member competition with a long lift that received open-air applause from the Vancouver crowd. Through this placement Guignard / Fabbri put a good mortgage on qualifying for the Osaka finals they will take home on the Italian stage in Turin next week. Bronze medal for Spanish pair Olivia Smart / Adrian Diaz on their first stage at the Grand Prix.

Finally, in Single women Another hat-trick of Russian skaters on stage, led by the incredible fifteen-year-old Camila Valeva, defeated all her opponents in her debut at the Grand Prix to win the Skate Canada title. In the long program, Valeva pushed Dukhtamisheva almost 30 points away, hitting three fours and one triple axle, in which he made the only misstep of the evening. After all, the quadruple toe loop-euler-triple salcho sequence that even a few male skaters can do is incredible and he has nearly 19 points.

For Elizaveta Dukhtamisheva, two triple axles and seven triple jumps were not enough, and she had to settle for a bronze medal. Third place went to Alena Kosternaya, who fell on the triple axle and topped the free rankings by Japanese Mi Mihara, who missed the stage due to finishing seventh in the short show on Friday. Overall, however, it was a very high-level women’s event, in which six athletes were awarded the Triple Axle and the winner Valeva set a world record of 180 points in the free program and 265 points in the overall standings.

The second North American stage has also been completed, with the Grand Prix moving to Turin next week, where the Italian Grand Prix figure skating will take place from November 5 to 7, which has been added to the calendar to replace China. The Chongqing Cup was canceled due to restrictions due to the Govt-19 epidemic. The short show of all competitions will take place on Friday 5 November at Palavela in Turin: it will start with single girls at 3pm and then continue with dancing at 5pm; The art pairing will end at 6.45pm and end with a male monologue at 20.20pm. Saturday, November 6 will be the twist of the free show of all races, starting again at 3pm and closing with gala at the same time on Sunday.

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