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Teramo Calcio introduced the new management – Abruzzo

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Research grants, signed three-year agreement Edil Green and “Roma Tre”

(ANSA) – TERAMO, NOVEMBER 20 – This morning, in the Science Park, the new management of Teramo Calcio was officially presented to the city. Presentation given in the presence of consulting firms and business partners during which David Cicia, the new sponsor of the company with his brother Mario, announced not only the desire to invest in the company and structures, but also to make a donation for the benefit of the company. The city is 10% Tiramo Calcio. “Today is an idea, and then the management will study the formula – as David Silia said – and along with the percentage of participation in the company, the city will have its representative as a member of the board of directors of the new football Teramo.”

The idea launched by the new sponsor was greeted with particular satisfaction by the fans, who were attended by a delegation from the two main organized groups: the Red and White Club Tiramo and Club Beuto. During the conference, in addition to the renewed Teramo Football Board of Directors, made up of CEO Massimo Scercia, CEO Luigi Kone and directors Gian Marco Ssia, Georgia Ssia and Gerardo Spaltra, the companies of the Ciaccia Group, which are the basis of the new football Teramo cycle: Emgat, were also presented. Italy, Real Estate and Property Consortium, Edil Green Italia, Contracts and Services. On this occasion, a three-year agreement was also signed between Ideal Green and Rome Tree University to finance it from the company. Research grants. The agreement is that the company announced that it intends to promote also with the University of Teramo. “This morning is a beautiful gathering and it is important for this moment to happen inside the room that houses the municipal council – said Mayor Jianguido de Alberto – which represents the home of the Teramo family. Because the history of Teramo football is linked to the history of our city, to the history of the community.” (Dealing).

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