Home entertainment The date returns with a new series of romantic comedies to Rai 1 on December 8

The date returns with a new series of romantic comedies to Rai 1 on December 8

The date returns with a new series of romantic comedies to Rai 1 on December 8

The sixth series of the series that is loved so much by the audience, as long as it ends well, 4 new TV movies were presented from December 8 in prime time on Rai 1.

tripping Thursday 8 December at 21.25 on Rai 1the sixth season of the series TV movie so lovely , As long as it ends wellwho submits Four new romantic comediesWith a happy ending, as the title suggests, with some of the finest protagonists of contemporary fiction, both young and seasoned. Four romantic stories, good for the heart and coming out during the Christmas holidays to console us with the bitterness of life and the difficult period we are going through. They presented this remake to the press and had some heroes with the directors: Claire Celotto And the Alessio Lapis (early evening: Different as two drops of waterDirected by Luke Lusigny), Sarah Lazarus And the Alessio Vassallo (Second movie, If you leave me, I will marry youbroadcast December 15, directed by Matthew Olioto), Lucrezia Lante della RovereAnd the Emmanuel Grimalda And the Andrew Benacchi (Laura’s luckDecember 22, Directed by Alessandro Angelini), Eurydice AxinAnd the Claire Franchini And the Christian Kakamo (Uncomfortable legacyDecember 29, Directed by Fabrizio Costa). We’re not just talking about love between partners, but also about siblings, parents and children in these four stories, which are part comedy and part fairytale with that emotional development we need but so often sacrifice in everyday life. We’ll get into the merits of individual films in showcasing individual titles, but during this morning’s Rai Fiction director meeting Maria Pia admire yourself and former general manager of Rai Agostino Sakanow chief Pepito productionthey continue to explain what it is themes and the Reasons Who led Rai to tell these stories and what’s new.

Admire yourself and said it especially “We need love and lightness, we consider these films a Christmas gift, the gifts we give to our audience that have grown so much that also include digital projection. There was a great fruitful effort but above all writing. Comedy is the most complex art, more so than drama, It wasn’t easy to put together four stories where there are intersecting destinies and comedy themes such as misunderstanding, double entendres, and reversal. We succeed thanks to two directors and a great cast of young women and boys who will make you dream.” During his long speech, Saka repeated this “Making a sentimental comedy is very difficult, especially in this ironic contemporary age, which has lost its innocence, which is the basis of these stories: we tell a real or plausible story, which leads us to dream, and it is necessary to do so that the spectator there is this innocence. We live in a time It is frequented by what Nietzsche called the “annoying guest”, nihilism, and to undermine this doubt, disbelief in anything, we need writers who are able to release dreams, silence the rational part of the brain, and make way for the irrational. It is the miracle of these stories where if innocence is lost Nostalgia remains, which must be stimulated by writing.”

Self Alessio Lapis And the Claire Celotto (Recently seen in Vincenzo Malenconico, a failed lawyer), two of the best young actors currently in Italy, talking about their film (Different as two drops of water) Dwell on the subject of the inability to communicate that unites their personalities, who cannot hear their parents for themselves and do not have the courage to say what they want, Sarah Lazarus And the Alessio Vassallo (If you leave me, I will marry you) they talk about the job but above all emotional insecurities faced by the characters and that make their film (which also has a fantasy aspect) the rather social one, albeit with a very romantic touch.

He is passionate about his personality Laura’s luckAnd the Lucrezia Lante della Roverewho declares that she wants to “get old doing comedy because I’ve done so many dramatic roles” and loves her crazy personality, unable to listen to the world but only to mumble, which will change thanks to her pragmatic maid (Emmanuel Grimalda) and her brother Andrew Benacchi to which he said he had no problem falling in love with Lucrezia, to the point where he joked, “I didn’t even have to act.” the last movie, Uncomfortable legacysees Diana and Gaia facing each other, plays the nieces of a pair of lovers, who couldn’t be more different, Eurydice Axin (Daughter of the great actor Adalberto Maria Merli) And the Claire Franchini. Catatonic with an obsession to control the first and the second vital and physical, but with a pain that marks them and leads them to fight but also to get to know each other better. He is also cast as a love interest Christian Kakamo.

Among the actors of the films, set in various Italian cities, starting with Naples, in addition to those present, we will see many well-known faces, among which we mention at least the couple (in real life) John Esposito And the Susie Del GiudiceAnd the Thomas TrapacchiAnd the RaazAnd the Rosalia PorcaroAnd the Bea EnglebrethAnd the Paolo CalabresiAnd the Marina MaseroniAnd the Bebo CrookedAnd the Ilaria RossiAnd the Roberto SepettiAnd the Mariangela DabracioAnd the Mariela ValentiniAnd the Cesar Pucci And many other things. For those who still want to dream, so, Our rendezvous from thursday december 8th in prime time with new romantic comedies as long as it ends well.


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