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Revenue Agency, attention to September 30: A critical day

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Be careful because if you use electronic invoicing, you will have to make a payment by September 30th to the revenue agency. Here’s what you have to pay for Not be unpaid.

This date may be of paramount importance to those who use electronic invoicing. Let’s see why. electronic billing

An important day for those who use electronic bills, what do they pay

How often will you get one invoice? This tax document It is mandatory for anyone who owns a VAT number It defines the relationship between Seller and customer.

If you own a purchase price You self employed You know what it is, while there are still many people out there when it comes to the bill They have no idea how this document and billing system works.

But for those who don’t know, we see that it will be very necessary to pay September 30 To the revenue agency if you use Electronic bills.

What you need to pay the Revenue Agency by September 30th: Electronic Invoices

If you are an entrepreneur, a Store owner or a self employed, Invoicing is certainly one of the activities on the agenda, but there are still many who do not know this very important detail. So let’s explain it in detail to let everyone understand it.

In fact, if you send electronic billing You also need to create a file electronic stamp Which has the same function as a regular paper stamp but the question then arises: when needed To pay the stamp duty? But above all, how much?

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In fact, the electronic tax is not currently paid, but must be paid On some specific datesbut do not be afraid because payment system It is very simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. In order to pay the stamp duty it will be necessary Access the official website of the Revenue Agency via SPID, With credentials or a smart card.

Once you get to the site, you will need to go to your own site personal space And search for the item “your bills”. This way you will have access to all related services like Pay the stamp duty.

Electronic billing fees
AdE Invoice stamp

At this point it will be necessary to do Number of stamps to be paid and fill out F24 or proceed to payment directly through the revenue agency’s website.

A simple procedure to follow, but this It can be a problem for those who are not aware of itor simply for those who forgot to pay the negligent character. September 30th is near, eyes open!

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