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Zemmour, an outsider of the Elysee, announced the “reconquest” of France. Clashes between his supporters and anti-racism protesters

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Zero Migration, Getting out of Then, The “recaptureFollower France. It will be called thus, Re, a party Eric ZemmourThe former right-wing nationalist polemicist who today officially launched his campaign for the 2022 presidential elections with his first rally. There were enough people inside Exhibition Palace from philippines, in a suburb North of Paris: The organizers are talking about 19,000 people, maybe in fact about 15,000, but the crowd is important above all because it gives an idea of ​​how exciting the presidential race is. Many are young and mostly white. Many tricolor flags, chanting about Marseilles, but also the chief of Zemmour or “we will winScenes recalling electoral appointments for what is the first objective of Zemmour, Marine Le Pen, President National Assembly, so far the closest to the Elysee competition for the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron. Zemmour officially ran for the Elysee race on November 30, saying he wanted “save France“And her values ​​are threatened, in her view, byimmigration and theIslam. But in recent weeks, pollsters have seen him pull back from the initial increase, when some pollsters put him directly ahead of Le Pen in a possible run-off against Macron.

The atmosphere is electric inside Exhibition Palace, not far fromCharles de Gaulle Airport: Stickers with the external candidate’s face and writing on it Impossible is not French (“Impossible is not in French”) and other signs call on militants to wear masks blue white redFrench flag colors. But at the entrance, despite a careful security check, Health clearance was not required (And a few masks). There were 450 accredited journalists, while a former Yellow Vest spokesperson also appeared among those registered to speak. Jacqueline Moreau.

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There was no shortage of moments of tension, inside and out. French talk show crew day to day (from the channel Tmc-Tf1) was severely whistling NS insult of the crowd during the rally. The journalist and cameraman for the show (which recounts French political life with a critical if not satirical eye) was put “in a safe place” in a place inside the building. Outside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, on the Avenue des Nations de Villepinte, more than a hundred demonstrators protested against “racism, denial and homophobia”. They were dispersed by the police though some gunmen from Sos . racism try raids inside the building. The result was the outbreak of riots with members of the regime’s service in the electoral demonstration that ended with anti-racism activists escorted to the doors.

The anti-Zemmour front revealed itself more quietly in a rally organized in the center of Paris, in which about 2,200 demonstrators participated (according to the police headquarters). Protest in the neighborhood Barbs and the Villette ParkIt was organized by about fifty organizations in between trade unionsAnd Concerts NS related to. And among the choruses chanted by the demonstrators… Beeps break yourself, Paris is not for youBeep, go away, Paris is not yours.

Nor does the nationalist candidate who, on the contrary, proclaimed from the stage with great rhetorical enthusiasm that “ Recovery starts now“If I win this election – he explained – it will not be the thousandth rotation, but the beginning of the restoration,” because “this French people who have been here for a thousand years.” He didn’t say the last word“. “The fascist?”, Asked: “But do me a favor…A racist?” I’m the only one who doesn’t confuse defending us with hating others, me Small Berber Jew Came from the other side of Mediterraneo(Actually he is of Algerian origin, but he was born in Ile-de-France). But at the moment he rejects his program as follows: “TheZero Migration It will become a clear objective of our policy.” Likes? Wants “to eliminate social assistance For non-European foreigners, state medical assistance “for foreigners and immigrants should be abolished, and eliminated Right to the soil and “the systematic expulsion of all illegal immigrants on French soil.” “A lot of the mistakes that were made in the past 40 years need to be corrected,” Zemmour says.

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