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The state of PlayStation from Play this week? Other sources confirm the possible event –

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Rumors of a possible return to the surface play condition From Sony PlayStation In March 2022, more precisely this weekaccording to GameReactor, a site that claims to have received confirmation of information from various sources.

GameReactor has received reports confirmation The state of play by Sony due this week from “four naturally reliable sources”, which will become even five with further confirmation, so there appears to be some substance behind the statement in question.

However, there is also a suspicion that Sony has plans delay The event is due to the war, and it also appeared in recent days, so we’re still not sure, but at this point, there are many reports pointing to March 2022 and these days in particular regarding Power point Official from Sony Playstation. Doubt also remains about the nature of the event in question: we often talk about the state of play, but based on what has appeared so far, it can also be a more comprehensive view, such as Playstation Show We saw earlier, focusing on a larger number of titles of a larger caliber.

There is no exact information, but according to sources made by GameReactor, the new event should allow you to “take a look and find out.” Release dates of some highly anticipated gamesOn PS5 and PS4. The possibilities are many, of course: Among the most popular candidates is Hogwarts Legacy, but also the potential offer of Project Spartacus, the new subscription service similar to Xbox Game Pass.

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