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“Youth football, we have to get boys and girls back in the center”

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The message is from Daniele Cornaggia, Head of the FIGC Lodi School Youth Sector

Regarding the article published on June 29 at p. 33, related to the Asd Metodo initiative, in the role of the head of the SGS (School Youth Sector) of the Lodi delegation and at the same time the teacher of the Lodi district, I wanted to emphasize some aspects that characterize the activity that the delegation has been doing for years in relation to ” By teaching the behaviors that must be followed in the youth sectors.

Soccer Schools, companies recognized for well-defined standards by SGS in Rome and recognized as Tier 1, 2 and 3 companies since the season just ended, are obliged to organize meetings during the season to which all local clubs are invited and which deal with sporting, recreational and educational topics. For the benefit of young people, coaches, managers, and where the company deems it necessary, even parents. Last season a topic similar to the one announced by ASD Metodo was dealt with by the Vidardese Society with a professional psychologist as speaker, just as last season the meeting was organized by the Fulgor Lodivecchio Society.

In addition to the above, the delegation, in addition to monitoring the progress of activities through the responsible corporate managers, attends approximately 150 matches out of the 2,794 held annually (number of delegation matches for starters, chicks, first kicks and young friends) to check compliance with the rules and to stigmatize and call back company directors if inappropriate behavior on and off the field is found. Moreover, if requested by the individual clubs, the delegation, together with qualified persons, participates in the meetings to reaffirm the main concepts that should characterize youth activity.

I also think it is important to emphasize how information and training meetings are organized during the season by the delegation for personalities who, within the clubs, play roles close to our “little champions”.

I think the above shows how, even before the events of the past few months, SGS has always fulfilled its mission to give life, especially to children approaching our beautiful sport in the first few years, hours of development with pure joy and fun.

For the Fifa scholastics, there are no ways, but there is only one credo we can embed in these words: We must go back to putting the boy and girl at the center! He and he should be able to be protagonists of their time, space, and all their needs, and all other people should be able to be true spectators and trained teachers. We have to get back to the fun and respect the rules before the victories, only in this way will we be able to train heroes and talents.

I thought it appropriate to make these clarifications in order to inform the insiders and not in relation to one of the sectors that the delegation directs every day with commitment and love for our sport.

Director Fijk Lodi, School Youth Sector

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