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Turin Film Festival, winners. Best Film Betweel two daws, El Planeta and Special Feathers Award

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It closes with victory between two dawn 39th edition of the Turin Film Festival. The jury was awarded, chaired by Hungarian Ildiko Ennedi and composed of Alessandro Jasman, Evgeny Galperin and Isabel Ivars. the best movie The first work of Turkish Salman Sakar deals with the issue of work accidents. “A film that manages, with extraordinary abilities in writing and directing, to tell a credible story that makes us laugh, excited and surprises us – is the reason for the award – a mature film, directed with clever sobriety and revealing a new great talent.”

And still the first work, Universe Young Amalia Ullman, not only to win Fipresci . Award but also Special Jury Prize. A film about the lives of a mother and daughter who suddenly find themselves without an income, “a somewhat comic indictment of Europe’s uncertain future and decline.” an award equally With feather Written by Omar Al-Zuhairi “A strong, bold and expressive writer who will master the multiple levels of cinematic language tomorrow.”

prize like Best ActressInstead, to Gong Seung-Yeon for the movie the only ones By Hong Seong-eun (South Korea), translated that the judges’ comments evoke “deep and complex emotions in the scenes with their personal presence”. best actor Franz Rogowski about the movie great freedom by Sebastian Miz. For Judges Rogowski he “carries on his face and body the journey the film tells, crossing it with pain and despair and with extraordinary intensity.”

an award best scenario won it little girl doing well by Sandrine Kiberlin. A story that everyone seems to already know but told with an innovative and powerful angle that elicits a modern and powerful read. “It is not just a story of the Holocaust – the judges write – it is a story of a lifelong love and choice not to compromise with those who attack our freedom… because if we do not fight them from the start, from the smallest of signs, it may be too late.”

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Other prizes

Turin 39 Courts

  • the best movie: Bubatura Written by Guillaume Cullen (Canada)
  • Special Jury Prize: night Written by Ahmed Saleh (Palestine)

TffDoc – International.doc

  • the best movie: 918 Gao By Arantza Santistiban Perez
  • Special Jury Prize: another brick in the wall Di Nan Zhang (Sina)

TffDoc – Italiana.doc

  • the best movie: Garibaldi Street by Federico Francioni
  • Special Jury Prize: Italian Comedy By Fabrizio Bellomo (Italy)

short italian

  • the best movie: games by Simone Bozzelli
  • Special Jury Prize: The birth of a kingdom Written by Gaia Formenti and Marco Piccarida

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