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Cesena Stefanelli until 2024 and Kontec is on the way

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“I am happy for Stefano, but I am also happy for Cesena.” So Fabrizio Castori via text message three weeks ago, when Stefano Stefanelli’s name started bouncing back with some grit in Romania. The man from Tolentino, who worked with Stefanelli at Carpi, signed a one-year contract plus an option with Perugia a few days ago and will return from Serie B, while Pergola’s lawyer officially became the new sporting director yesterday afternoon. As expected, Stefanelli will be associated with Juventus for two seasons, i.e. until June 30, 2024 and will not be presented before the last week of June. But in the meantime, the former sporting director of Pistoiesi, the club he recalled last summer and relieved of his position in January with the arrival of the new German property, is continuing work on the construction of the new Cavaluccio da building. To Domenico Toscano, who spent three days in Cesena with Stefanelli from Monday to Wednesday, before returning to his home in Calabria. To formalize the technician, who has already signed a pre-completion contract until 2024, we will have to wait until the beginning of July. On Monday, the three collaborators who will join Toscano in the new adventure will arrive in Cesena: Napoli’s deputy, sports coach Nocera (return) and match analyst Alessandria.

Defense is about to end

Stefanelli’s viewfinder continues to focus on the defense, that is, the department most affected by the change of dress chosen by Toscano. For Mario Mercadante, the process is almost over: Avellino’s attempted assault in the last hours was rejected. The former leader of Monopoly, who drowned Cesena in the playoff return (an own goal obtained in the first half and 2/2 from a penalty in the second), is ready to start a new adventure in the North, where he has never played in his career, and to sign Multi-year contract (comprehensive until 2024 or until 2025). Mercadante will be the division’s left ‘arm’ that must re-fire a reliable defender who has great physical impact in the middle and knows how to win League C: Ivan Kontek. Born in 1997, the longtime Croatian central player arrived in Italy in the summer of 2020, and was one of the great champions two years ago in promotion to B from Cristiano Lucarelli’s records at Ternana. Upstairs, last season among the cadets, he participated in only 4 matches in the first round, before he was excluded from the list in January also due to a physical problem (groin pain) that slowed his recovery. And according to what was leaked yesterday from Tierney, Kontec will extend his contract with Umbrian club and then move to Cesena on loan with the right of redemption in favor of the Bianconeri. Negotiations are already at an advanced stage and Cavalluccio is ready to close. By moving the viewfinder to the right wing, the operation that will bring winger Alessandro Albertini to Romania on a multi-year contract, issued at the end of the season after the disqualification and bankruptcy of Catania, where he played 26 games and made. 2 goals. Albertini, who has the same manager as Mercadante (Tateo), has experience and corresponds well with requests and above all with the Toscano unit.

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