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We are in an explosive fuse, a hurricane and a hurricane ready to strike even against Italy”

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Weather: We are in an explosive fuse, a hurricane and a hurricane ready to make an impact even against Italy

Two hurricanes target Europe, autumn comes to lifeEurope fuse explosive Ready to explode after three months of almost complete calm, always dominated by the African counter-cyclone.
Yes, autumn is about to come alive And it can emit a powerful sound instantly.

We refer in particular to the state of the atmosphere In the old continent where a Hurricane Train (including hurricane”Danielwilling to influence many countries and interest as well Italy’s dangers are great.

But let’s try to clarify and understand how the distribution of the atmospheric numbers that will govern the weather in the coming days, both in Italy and in the rest of the continent.

nearIreland almost constant cyclonic vortex He is dispensing with bad weather over the UK. Its turbulent profiles extend to touch western Portugal, Spain, France, the Netherlands, part of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and even touch northern Italy.
This vortex has been summoned in turnAfrican cyclone That from Algeria he conquered again Mediterranean Basincausing extreme temperatures in our south.

So what will happen in Coming days? L ‘Italia Will you be affected by the bad weather that will hit Europe?
The map above shows us the centers of low pressure (B), synonymous with bad weather, centers of high pressure (A) where the weather is stable and finally precipitation (in blue).
In the next few days the two hurricanes will move in the Atlantic Ocean eastward, The first is moving from the UK to Germany, and the second, stronger, with a path still being studied.
Well, our country will be interested from both vortices. One over the UK would send turbulence into the Atlantic Between Wednesday 7 (evening) and Friday 9 With effects in the north and on part of the center, while the second can hit us from the start From wednesday 13th september.
For now, we are still on the frontier line: that is, in a very thin line that could make us succumb to the expected eruption in Europe, but also come out safe and sound thanks to the protection of a revived African shield against hurricanes.

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Upcoming updates will shed more light on the path of Hurricane II and will be decisive.

Massive air movements on a European scaleMassive air movements on a European scale

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