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Turin-Spazio Talent 4-2-

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The Torino player thus plays eighth, and although it was only important to win, she puts in a beautiful and convincing performance, thanks to her only three points from the top.

Under-17 group Provinciali Torino Group A: There are matches where the three points, without a convincing match, are of little value. Games where expressing a coated kick is more important than the last three points. Today for different. All that matters is taking the whole quota home: Three points can turn the season, take you to heaven or throw you to hell. At Gladioli in Turin, the big game of the 20th day is held, which sees the first and second class confrontations. Torino, within friendly walls, is aiming for success to seriously offset that, while Spazio Talent is looking for a win to close tournament training six days ahead. Ready, and after just 30 seconds, my wind flies toward the door thanks to a quick triangulation with a partner. In front of the goalkeeper of the children playing depositing on the net. The golden-black reaction is ready and furious: after just five minutes Lanciano stood undisturbed in the penalty area and slotted home the equaliser at the net. The hosts increase the revs of the engine and express a lively chorus game, the result of the hard work of the players, led by the coach and managers, during the week. It was the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe choir match that gave Rossi and his comrades an advantage: Fanola, getting close to half the field, sent a cross to Giglieri, who smashed into the lead, jumped over the goalkeeper and scored 2-1. The excitement led to another goal just eight minutes later, when Lanciano Glicial converted the penalty by dislodging Avita. The score gap increases to 35, when, after a series of rebounds in the Talentina area, Iacchetta pounces on the ball and re-emphasizes the net. The chiefs, who had been undefeated for 19 consecutive days, seemed unable to respond, as they saw all their efforts thwarted by the wall erected in front of a Russian door. We go to rest at 4-1 and with Mr. Manson determined to keep his attention high, aware of the emotional effects a victory of this kind can bring. So the second half is much less exciting than the first: there are fewer chances, also due to the slowing down of the pace set by the hosts, which their coach scolds to perfection. The goal of the final match reached 4-2 in the 91st minute and still bears the signature of Al-Rihi, who finds his personal duet with a sweet and bitter flavor. The Torino player thus plays eighth, and although it was only important to win, she puts in a beautiful and convincing performance, thanks to her only three points from the top. Make yourself comfortable, the championship is now in full swing… Interview with the coach of Torino “It was a very important victory for us, we had seven successes and it was necessary to win to strengthen second place and get closer to first place. I am very happy with the team, the guys are growing up and working hard during The week pays off. I want to make a special mention of the same players, they work really well and the quality of the bench allows me to let everyone catch their breath and have a new strength at the end of the game “Meeting Coach Spazio Talent” It was a bad match today, the goal at the start of the match that He sat in it for a while, we defaulted to playing without humility and always delayed in intervening, and we paid for it. Our tournament is very difficult, there are at least 5/6 high-ranking teams, so the tournament is not easy at all. The judging was fair enough, I don’t agree With two choices, but that shouldn’t be an argument. It wasn’t our best day but we still have fate in our hands: if we win them all, we’ll stay first”

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