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Xbox Series S sold for 81 euros by Microsoft in the official store –

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Through a report from a ResetEra user, we found out that Microsoft has offered it Xbox Series S for 80.99 eurosSpecifically in Portugal.

It is not clear whether ErrorBut it is possible. In any case, the user claims that he managed to buy the console at this price and that, previously, he also exploited a pricing error for the Xbox Elite 2 console and 1 TB SSD: according to him, Microsoft still ships the purchases, even if the price is incorrect.

The number remained Available for very littlebut maybe a handful of people lucky enough to get to the page in those few moments managed to get their hands on an early Christmas present.

We don’t think we need to set €80.99 for a console like the Xbox Series S. Deal. In practice, it would be like getting a discount of about 219 euros.

In this Black Friday 2022 There are some discounts for different consoles, such as the Switch and Xbox Series S itself, but the numbers obviously can’t compare at least given this pricing misstep.

Xbox Xbox Xon the other hand, is rarely on sale, while PS5 It is impossible to find the price list below; Moreover, one often has to invest larger sums for different packages or additional fees.

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