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His films are history

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Hollywood’s most famous director has passed away: at the age of 89, his films made history and raised a generation.

He was one of the most influential and important figures in the world of Hollywood: Today, eighty-nine years later, we must say goodbye to this beloved director.

The famous Hollywood director has died at the age of 89: his films are history – (taken from Ansa)

The Hollywood world is now accustomed to increasingly high-quality products. Actors are always on point, impeccable directors and above all plots capable of getting under the skin. We turned on the TV, and for two hours, they were able to separate us from anything. And sometimes, they are able to make us move in a way that hasn’t happened in a long time. So much so that they started choosing their favorite actors or director, which we now know so well, like to go without fail. One of these in particular, which for ninety years represented a true piece in the world of films, He died these days, leaving an insurmountable void in the history of cinema.

A big shock in the world of Hollywood: One of the beloved directors who made cinema history has died, this is it

Hollywood director
The famous Hollywood director has died at the age of 89: his films are history – (taken from Ansa)

That’s right: these past few days, we’ve had to bid farewell to one of the most beloved directors in the Hollywood world. In an increasingly competitive sector and an unstoppable generation cycle, it is certainly not easy to make history and become part of the elite.

But for this artist in particular, it was actually simpler than expected, and now we are all forced to accept the insurmountable void that he left in the world of cinema. He is a hugely influential and well-liked figure who has received two Academy Award nominations and with his films undoubtedly making cinema history. Let’s talk about Bob Rafelson, who died at the age of 89 at his home in Aspen.

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In the ’70s, the director became a true icon, as well as a certainty with his movies getting crackling. We remember him in particular in the films Five Easy Pieces and The King of the Gardens by Marvin, played by a very young Jack Nicholson. He had started his career in the fifties and sixties of the last century, the meeting took place that would change the life and career of this recorder forever.

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Let’s talk about it with producer Raybert Productions. However, Raffelson quickly passed behind the car and we certainly can’t help but mention other of his films that literally made cinema history. Like, again, “the postman always rings twice” and “the cat and the fox.”

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