Sunday, April 14, 2024

Paramount + free could be a new feature for subscribers –

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According to the “Lumia Updates” Twitter account, which is now a fairly reliable source for Xbox, it appears that Paramount + He may soon join Excellence Dedicated to subscribers Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass regularly offers subscribers some rewards called “Perk”, or benefits that are added to those already in the subscription, available for limited periods of time, and we’ve previously seen initiatives related to other video subscriptions, such as Disney+.

These are limited time bonuses, which may be valid for a month of subscription or a little more, but since these are free add-ons, they are still very useful for subscribers. Given that Paramount+ was recently launched and only available a few days ago in Italy, it’s possible that Microsoft has entered into an agreement to offer a similar initiative on Xbox Game Pass.

No other details, but the free subscription period may be longer than the standard trial, which may allow you to properly test the new subscription video service, pending any confirmation from Microsoft.

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