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When Insigne is in Canada …

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Lozano sends a message to Spalletti: While Insigne is in Canada ...

Editorial by Scozzafava di Bologna-Napoli, two goals by Lozano

Naples Football – Today’s edition of the Courier del Mesogiorno with an article by Monica Scozofa highlighting some of the highlights from Napoli’s successful match in Bologna. From the newspaper we read:

The killer toy left the crime scene after hitting his third double in a blue jersey, leaving first and sending a message to his coach, Luciano Spalti: I am. This means that when Insine lands in Canada, he is an (almost) natural alternative. Chuckie Lozano was in Dol’ara, having a high impact performance and above all canceling out a bad image in the Italian Cup with Fiorentina (he was sent off just minutes after entering the field). is selected by the new Google service, if you always want to update the latest news Follow us on Google News

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