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Netflix and password sharing: Fewer users in Spain

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Since the beginning of February, new rules have been put in place to prevent it Password sharing between members of different families. According to Kantar’s findings, Netflix Spain has lost a million users. The Californian company says it anticipated this reaction.

Cancellations are on the rise, but that’s normal for Netflix

After a long testing phase in some South American countries, Netflix has introduced new rules on subscription sharing, initially in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. Users who want to allow members of the same household to access their account must add a Additional Member (Maximum 1 for Standard Plan, 2 for Premium Plan). Payment is required in Spain 5.99 euros/month For each additional member.

He saw the number of Spanish users Down by over a million In the first three months of 2023. According to the results of a survey on streaming habits, two-thirds of people use other people’s passwords. As the monthly cost cannot be shared, the number of subscribers has also decreased. A tenth of them said they would cancel their subscription in the second quarter.

However, Netflix has predicted this “action verb”. According to the Californian company, many non-paying users will subscribe to the subscription. In Canada, subscribers have increased since the new rules were introduced. It is not known when it will come into force in Italy. In the US, the password sharing ban has been postponed until the second quarter, so it will be implemented by the end of June.

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