December 10, 2023

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Will Xbox Game Pass welcome Lies of P in D1? New rumor from The Snitch –

Will Xbox Game Pass welcome Lies of P in D1?  New rumor from The Snitch –

snitch Once again with a new rumor that is a bit obscure but still quickly being interpreted by video game fans from all over the world. The leaker had suggested it according to fans’ assumptions Lies of P will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in D1.

How did this conclusion come? The Snitch shared a feed green background video – which you can see below – and concatenated in Morse code. One user translated the latter and realized that the sentence reads as follows: “The wise says you will find your way.” This is a reference to the Kanye West song called The Pinocchio Story.

Since The Snitch isn’t suggesting music news, the fact that we’re talking about Pinocchio near Gamescom 2022 suggests that the real subject of the leak is lies ina soul-like RPG inspired (in a nautical sense) by Collodi’s own work.

We already know that Lies of P will be at Gamescom 2022, so the leak simply cannot announce the fact that there will be news for the game. Alternatively, it is possible that the real evidence is green background, which is a reference to Xbox. Since Lies of P will come to different platforms (PC, Stadia, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5), the only way to connect it to Xbox is with Game Pass.

It’s a series of steps that’s probably a bit coercive, but Twitter and ResetEra players are pointing in that direction. snitch He didn’t miss a leak and didn’t post a tweet without good reason. Given that Gamescom’s opening Night Live 2022 is approaching, we’ll have confirmations or denials soon.

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Finally, here’s a trailer for Gamescom’s Opening Night Live 2022.