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‘I have a life outside of basketball’: Tensions between Wiggins and Team Canada

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Password of the new course Canadian national Off Nick Nurse It is “continuity”. The current coach of the Toronto Raptors has, in fact, repeatedly emphasized the importance of having a core that must work steadily in his approach to the next. Olympic Games, planned for Paris in 2024; For this reason, it has made a long-term commitment No condition, Or nearly so, for players to choose.

“Coach Nurse clarified that players who have not been involved in the national team for at least three years”, Oren Weisfeld wrote on Sportsnet, “They need to believe they have a place on the Olympic team.”

Many NBA players enthusiastically joined the Canadian federation’s request, affirming their unconditional commitment for years to come; Among them, Nickel Alexander-Walker, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, R.J. Barrett, Le Dart and Dwight Powell. However, not everyone responded positively.

One of the most important elements of Team Canada, Andrew Wiggins, does not hide that he considers the demand of the technical staff too much and that he cannot make a similar commitment in the long run. The wing of Golden State Warriors He explained his reasons for doubting Weisfeld, which has led to disagreements with coach Nurse and the federation in recent months and led to his removal from the national team.

“They want a long-term commitment. Right now, my priority is the Golden State Warriors, I have a family and children. In short, I also have a life outside of basketball. It doesn’t make sense for me to devote so many years to Golden State and the national team at the same time. During the months, I spend all my time with the Warriors; then, when the summer comes, I think it’s right to make my evaluations and make a decision. (…) I want to be on the Olympic team, but I’m not ready to make a three-year commitment. They don’t call me. If they decide that, I can still sleep, that’s their choice.”

Wiggins E Team Canada Can they mend the rift? If so, they can introduce themselves Paris 2024 With a pretty impressive starting lineup: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jamaal Murray, RJ Barrett, Andrew Wiggins, Chris Boucher; And with several luxury alternatives including Le Tart, Dwight Powell, Kelly Olynyk, Dillon Brooks and Brandon Clark.

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