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Do regular or e-cigarettes hurt more? Science’s answer

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The question that many ask is whether a regular or electronic cigarette is more painful, let’s see what science believes.

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One of the vices that experts often put us on guard against is smoking. Although smokers think that a cigarette can relieve stress, it is a harmless hobby, especially if they smoke little, the health risks are really high.

Only an illusion serves to calm nervousness, but only dictates the addiction that develops to nicotine. Many people smoke knowing they have a problem and have noticed it spreading Electronic cigarette Way out: They can maintain their habit without risking health. But in recent years, science has shown that even with e-cigarettes there are risks.

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But now people are starting to get a little confused about it. E-cigarette or cigarette hurts more Normal? Let’s try to understand what experts say about it.

Regular or electronic cigarette: the most painful cigarette

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The number of smokers in the world is increasing every year. 24% of the Italian population declare themselves to be smokers with a very clear majority of men compared to women under the age of 40, while the situation over 40 is the opposite. But is it true that if you use an e-cigarette you are more “safer”?

One study from the University of Southern California highlighted an interesting fact: the gene expression of those who smoke “e-cigarettes” is very similar to those who smoke conventional cigarettes. This means that even those who think they have a lower risk of using e-cigarettes actually have the same risk of developing cancer.

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The research focused on different groups of people, those who smoke only e-cigarettes, those who only smoke traditional cigarettes and those who do not smoke at all. After analysis and comparisons Conclusions They were very clear. In the two groups who smoked, there were mutations affecting the mitochondria and in coding for certain proteins.

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Although these studies still need to ideas It is clear that exposure to tobacco and exposure to chemicals in electronic devices affect the health of an organism in a very similar way.

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