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Discover two “skyships” in space. NASA and the European Space Agency present the images

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Two “ships hovering in the sky” were seen. The news left us confused. NASA and the European Space Agency show us the pictures.

Galaxy in the universe – Image by Pexels

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In the past few days one real happened Discovery Which left millions of people speechless. They were seen in our skies “Two ships flying in the sky”, But they aren’t really ships, as we understand them.

there NASA and theESA Recently posted pictures of the infamous watch. Pictures were taken with a telescope Hubblecurrently in space to collect important research materials.

these Photo They will really leave you speechless because it is such a unique event that we can hardly see again. Let’s see what it is.

“Like two ships in the sky”: this is how they described the discovery made by NASA and the European Space Agency

Explore the image galaxies
Two overlapping spiral galaxies – Photography by (Credits: NASA)

It has been described Like two ships in the sky The event witnessed Superposition of two spiral galaxies.

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The image, which undoubtedly leaves the audience speechless, shows what might ironically be called a “cosmic embrace” between the two galaxies, SDSS J115331 And the LEDA 2073461.

The uniqueness of the event lies in the fact that these two galaxies have never interacted with each other, considering that they are far from each other. More than a billion light-years away between them.

This event left even scientists who speculated about nature baffled random From this extraordinary meeting between the two galaxies.

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Photos made possible thanks to the project Galaxy Zooa project created thanks to volunteers from all over the world, with the aim of being able to classify as many galaxies as possible.

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The initiative was born in 2007 and so far about 40 million galaxies have been cataloged, with more than 100 scientific articles. Now there is hope for cooperation between telescopes web And the Hubble So you can enjoy more extraordinary cosmic pictures.

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