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Crisis necessary not to postpone the release date, reports –

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In a report by The Washington Post, some former Blizzard employees and experts suggested that the development team for Diablo 4 will meet months crush to me Meet the release date and publish them in “good enough” condition, thus avoiding deferrals.

The article contains testimonials from 15 people, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, who agree that the game is unlikely to ever be published. June 6, 2023 Unless they work “significant overtime”.

Respondents point an accusing finger at one of them Poor project management in the past five years. It’s clear that initially, Diablo 4 was supposed to hit stores in 2021, but plans changed several times during the work, with the internal release date slipped first to December 2022, then to April 2023 and finally to the announced June 6, 2023. at The Game Awards.

According to testimonials collected by The Washington Post, Diablo 4 will not be delayed at this point.

“We’re getting to the point where they are no longer willing to delay the game,” said one employee. “So we just have to team up and figure out how much we’re willing to hurt each other to make sure the game is released in a good enough state.”

Instead, one developer has accused creative director Sebastian Stobio (former creative director of The Witcher 3 and writer of Cyberpunk 2077), for rewriting the game’s script when he joined the team in 2019, adding “disturbing” subplots. on me sexual assaults.

One version of the script has been called the “rape version” because it contained numerous references to a female character who had been sexually assaulted. The character description referred to her as “the raped woman”. Apparently, the staff had to beg Blizzard to change the visibility of this script, as the topics covered were deemed out of place.

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A Blizzard spokesperson told The Washington Post that the offending story “was seen over three years ago under various directives as character background, not game content” and that it was “considered inappropriate at the time and we went in a different direction”.

Other than that, the Irvine-based company has not commented on the other leaks in the Washington Post report. As usual in these cases, we recommend that you take everything with a grain of salt.

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