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Sony and Microsoft are no longer at war with acquisitions, says former PlayStation CEO –

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Jack Tritonthe historical CEO of PlayStation USA until the PS4 era, stated that Acquisition of Sony and Microsoft Very positive for the gaming market and not necessarily in competition between themRather, it aims to increase profits and expand the market.

Tretton was interviewed by Game Informer and had his say in various aspects of the current gaming scene. Moreover, he is an executive who always views acquisitions positively, having participated in the initial phase of merge For the industry it is now clear to everyone.

Jack Triton, when he was CEO of PlayStation

For Tretton, 2022 is arguably the most impressive year in this regard given recent moves by Microsoft and Sony.

Seeing acquisitions of this size, like Activision Blizzard for $70 billion, shows that the gaming industry is on a massive scale. growth It must be seen as an area of ​​great importance. Moreover, the current market structure leads us to see things differently: there is no longer the fierce competition that would have existed a few years ago.

According to Triton, Microsoft had paid off 10 years ago Call of Duty Exclusive Absolutely on Xbox, but now the situation is very different: Microsoft has shown great openness with its final introduction of the PC into the Xbox ecosystem, and Sony is also moving in a similar direction, between opening up on PC and willingness to keep bungeethe new and more expensive acquisition, as a multi-platform company.

The former chief executive of PlayStation argues that, at this point, the main goal of game companies is to grow their size, expand their audience and increase revenue as much as possible, rather than vying for market dominance. “The high tide makes all the boats rise,” Triton said. “The competition in the gaming industry is not Nintendo versus Sony versus Xbox, it’s video games as a form of entertainment. against other forms of entertainment Like television, concerts, or any other sector.”

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