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With a complete comeback, Umbro is in the preliminary roles! – Radio and TV RSI Swiss

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What seemed impossible only a short time ago has come true: Umbro completed his comeback against Berne and qualified for the pre-qualifiers! Biancoplo beat Rapperzuil 6-2 at the Gottardo Arena, took their sixth straight win and stole 10th, the last useful to reach the post-season, to Orsi, who Lausanne defeated 4-1 at home. The people of Vaud, in particular, will be Leventine’s opponents in the Best of Three series that begins Friday at Vaudoise Arena.

Free from various elements including injuries and suspensions, and with only two foreigners, Juvonen and Hytanen, Cereda wasn’t afraid to include Bionda and Barbie, as he made his National League debut. The great interest from the two teams not to give space to the opponent led to the first half being devoid of emotions and scoring opportunities. However, the music definitely changed in the middle period, with the Gottardo Arena exploding thanks to the biancoblù feature, signed by Bürgler in powerplay at 23’32”, and the Heim double, obtained in the double numerical advantage of 4’22” plus late. Soon, Börgler had a penalty saved by Nivler, but the deserved 3-0 result came at the hands of Zwerger in 33’05”. Kneubuehler, a 4-0 at 21″ author of the third siren.

Jovonen’s unbeaten record, which lasted 108’51”, fell to a shot from Paragano after 1’22” of play in the third half, but Rapperziel’s goal did not change the coordinates of the confrontation that remained firmly in the hands of Umbro. Ambrì who put the difference back to four thanks to his own goal from Bürgler, one of the great champions of the evening biancoblù, who scored in powerplay at 46’37”. Trisconi also found personal delight, 6-1 at 50’18”, just as Lausanne found 3-1 in Bern with Millie. Useless, if not for the statistics, the Lakers’ second goal that Donner signed in 5 for 4. Complete comeback, Umbro in the playoffs.

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