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Ferrara will host the Antonioni ‘Museum’: an open space without walls

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Buck Ferrara

A desert in which to rediscover yourself, after getting lost in the mist, through books, films, records and texts, but also by meeting people who will travel The spaces of this new house without walls, with no barriers to imagination. This will also be new Antonioni space in Ferrara, A place of art and heritage, in honor of the Academy Award-winning director from Ferrara, Michelangelo Antonioni, Whose project will be approved soon And that he will also keep, among other things, the 47,000 documents of the fund that the Ferrara municipality obtained from the director and his wife, Enrica Fico. And the last was As well as being the creator of the project Formed by a team of architects for the studio Alvesi Kerimoto (Massimo Alvesi and Yonko Kerimoto), Attis and municipal architect Rossella Pizzi, traced the red thread between the two elements that define its history and its work. Husband – fog and desert, in fact – The new cinema and cultural center: In his life, when he was finally able to stop talking about the fog (and see nothing), he went in search of the desert to see himself, and to identify himself – his wife remembers on the day of the fifteenth anniversary of his death, at the end of July -. So he had a The energy of an Indian chief, with that dark complexion and dryness in his face, was in his hands. In that desert he saw himself, as he saw his true nature and changed his way of making films. Hence the hope to see Spazio Antonioni in the future as a desert full of meetings, projects, initiatives and collaborations.

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Redevelopment of CAP

With a value of 1,750,000 euros, Spazio Antonioni Born thanks to the redevelopment of the current wing of contemporary art (PAC) in Corso Porta Mare di Ferrara, thus obtaining an additional social and societal value: it will be a unique environment in Italy, Fully dedicated to cinematic and artistic themes By Antonioni, with cultural stimuli ranging from painting to photography, flexibility of presentation and international scope, anticipate the Adviser to Culture, Museums, Historical Monuments and Civilization of Ferrara, UNESCO, Marco Gulinelli.

Multilevel maze

According to the soon-to-be-approved project, Spazio Antonioni . will be A multi-storey maze between display walls and display cases With souvenirs, works, documents and photos. On the first floor, in particular, the flexibility of the spaces will be felt to the fullest thanks to the adjustable panels that can be positioned in different ways according to the needs. This is to ensure the possibility of different matches: Workshop rooms, large event space, show room, other exhibition areas. Blackout technology and acoustic blinds will make showrooms more immersive – and separate -.

Al-Masari Palace Garden

Pac is located within the garden of Palazzo Massari, A short distance from Palazzo dei Diamanti: formerly used as a transport deposit, since 1976 it has been hosting art exhibitions dedicated to Italian and international contemporary artists. Namely, the reopening of the windows overlooking the greenery, which will be restored thanks to the new project. Spazio Antonioni will be an elegant home full of beautiful things but without walls, One can live outside, outside walls, outside oneself, to face the unexpected, what has not yet happened in our lives. A small world that attracts knowledge and knowledge of beauty, Then Enrica Vico added.

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Business starts in January

During the works expected to start from January next year, The Contemporary Art Pavilion will remain closedbut in the near future it is not said that even the adjacent spaces, currently reserved for deposits of modern and contemporary art galleries, cannot undergo changes: in fact, the possibility of future recovery is subject to a careful assessment, After defining a new and larger space dedicated to civic art collections, the building to the left of the Pac, a space currently designated to temporarily house the deposits of modern and contemporary art galleries. The commissioner added that in this way it will be possible to obtain a new prestigious exhibition space dedicated to exhibitions.

Vittorio Sagarbi, Enrica Fico and the municipality

The promoters of this initiative are, with the municipal administration, Ferrara Arte president, Vittorio Sgarbi, and Enrica Fico. Curator Dominique Bani, former director of Cinmathque franaise. Builder, among others, has in the past sponsored the Antonioni and Art Gallery, which was hosted at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in 2013 and exported to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Reasons for choosing the Contemporary Art Pavilion Al-Jabribi explained to them months ago: The choice is consistent with the history of this placeThat made Ferrara – for decades and thanks to the initiative of Franco Farina – the capital of contemporary art. Antonio space sar Antonioni I live in Ferrara, the cosmopolitan city. Because great artists never die. A space where you can realize that unmistakable personal touch of Michelangelo Antonioni, his personal vision of the world that over time has become like society.

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