September 22, 2023

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Italians Abroad – Canada – Ann. Nisholi (FI / Overseas): “Thanks to the Canadian team for their generosity and commitment during the entire Order” / News / Italian Network




“Over the weekend, I attended the last meeting of Intercomites Canada electronically. The Hon’ble Minister said in a statement issued today (03) in this regard. Fuchsia Nisoli Fitzgerald, Overseas District – Selected Sub in North and Central America Division.

There was a general concern about voting, which also highlights the difficulty of fellow countrymen in registering with voters. Members of the Committees of Canada and their Leaders: Francesco de Candia of Ottawa, Giovana Giordano of Montreal and Michela de Marco of Toronto would like to thank you for your generous commitment and dedication throughout your mission. I firmly believe that the newly elected members can trust their suggestions to act better in support of the Italian community in Canada. After all, we all know that unity is strength! “His Excellency Fuchsia Nisoli Fitzgerald, Overseas District – Concludes Elected Member of the North and Central America Division. (07/11/2021-ITL / ITNET)

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