Home Economy Borsa Italiana, suspension of April 28, 2023 hearing

Borsa Italiana, suspension of April 28, 2023 hearing

Borsa Italiana, suspension of April 28, 2023 hearing

An uncertain start to the day for ENI after its quarterly release. Banking sector stock sales returned. STM tries to rebound

Trading - Chart_1The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centers started the last session of the week with Partial differences.

At 09.15 FTSEMib It decreased by 0.22%, to 27,099 points, while it decreased FTSE Italia All Share lost 0.19%. opposite direction to Medium hat from FTSE Italia (+ 0.06%) and l Star of FTSE Italy (-0.04%).

the Major US stock indices They ended the session sharply higher, after the release of the first estimate of GDP for the first quarter of 2023, which was below the consensus of analysts. The Dow Jones rose 1.57% to 33,826 points, while the S&P500 rose 1.96% to 4,135 points. Nasdaq performed better (+2.43% to 12,142 points).

Positive closing of Tokyo Stock Exchange In the last session of the week. The Nikkei index rose 1.4% to 28,856 points, after it fluctuated between a low of 28,500 points and a high of 28,879 points. No news from the Bank of Japan: The Bank of Japan confirmed key monetary policy indicators.

the Bitcoins It is $ 29,500 (just under 27,000 euros).

the BTP-Bund spread It is still below 190 pips, with the 10-year BTP yield falling below 4.35%.

L’euro It’s still just above $1.1.

An uncertain start to the day Where is it? (+0.18% to €13,506). The oil giant reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2023, a period in which the oil giant was affected by lower prices for achieving production due to lower reference prices for oil and natural gas. The management confirmed the financial and operational indicators for the full year 2023 and the shareholder remuneration policy (dividends and buybacks).

Banking sector stock sales returned.

Bank Paper It lost 1.58%, to 2.61 euros. The institute announced that it has concluded the sale of the UTP credit portfolio to BPER Banca and its subsidiary Banco di Sardegna for a collectible value of approximately €470 million.

worst performance for BancoBPM (-2.26% to €3.758). From Consob’s circular letters, we learn that on April 24, 2023 Norges Bank reduced its stake in the bank’s share capital from 3.317% to 2.897%.

STM extension Try reboundingafter the severe contraction he suffered in the previous session. Shares rose 0.87% At a price of 38,945 euros.

At Euronext Growth, Milan focused on Ecomembrane, on the day of its debut in the price list for dynamic and competitive small and medium enterprises. The stock started today with 1.29% increase At a price of 8.61 euros. The company’s shares were placed at 8.5 euros, with an initial capitalization of 36.5 million euros


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