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Who is the Riddler killer? – white space

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The Puzzlebox is a puzzle, a closed box with no locks or combinations that you have to find a way to open. The comic book of the same name before Matthew Rosenberg Live up to this name. size on joker It is a little gem offering A different approach than usual to the narrative world of Gotham City.

The story begins with what could be the end of the classic Dark Knight adventure: a villain has been captured. The bad guys were actually caught. All bad guys, or almost. Sixteen of the most enemies Batman They are locked up in the Gotham City Police Department. They were just caught by the Pat family, and it appears they attended a party in honor of the Joker. Few are missing, including Riddler who is found dead and may have been killed by one of the 16 super villains currently behind bars. But by whom? Fortunately for Gordon, one of them is willing to empty the beans… Too bad it’s the Joker.

The joker Advance: A Puzzlebox It has a similar structure to stir like The usual suspectsalthough the tones are decidedly less exciting, with elements reminiscent of heist comedies like eleventh oceanLike the focus on the different gang members, the different double crosses, the twists and the ultimate behind-the-scenes explanation, what really happened. The large number of characters are handled well by Rosenberg, although some inevitably get less space than others, and some narrative lines are sacrificed to each other in favor of the main story. The most loyal fan may sometimes find some villains outside the character, and in general, all of them are significantly “weak”. For example, to enjoy the story, don’t ask yourself why Bane, Killer Croc, or Poison Ivy don’t tear the bars and run. However, these flaws are the price to pay for a story with so many already known characters left over from decades of stories.

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From a technical point of view, the most appropriate adjective for determining size is multifaceted: More than ten designers contributed among them Jesus Merinowho manages the narrative framework. If succession of different artists in the same volume is not a permanent solution appreciated, in puzzle square It is fully consistent with the story and in practice. While various villains tell their stories about the facts, or while joker He tells his novels as an unreliable narrator, They are portrayed by different artists and shown to us as great representatives of Rogues Gallery in Batman They see others and themselvesLike Rosenberg, Merino must also manage a group of numerous and colorful villains. One of the “tricks” adopted is to focus on faces and close-ups, which is a well-suited option for representing different interrogations, as well as highlighting the unspoken looks and gazes between the main characters. There is no shortage of occasions when all the characters work together, perhaps bent on beating each other, but even then there is a “controlled chaos” with a clear and well-defined design. Realistic style also serves to provide a strong contrast to the style of other artists, often more chaotic, caricature, or even caricature.

Finally, there is no shortage of small details to note if you want to try to solve the puzzle. puzzle squareIt’s not just a comedy but, as the title suggests, it’s also in many ways a game and a challenge. The reader can read it or try to decipher it before reaching the end. There are all the elements to try to solve the puzzle, which is very fun. sure puzzle square He’s definitely not a comic to be taken seriously, and he doesn’t want to be. Its purpose is to present an original story, a beautiful story with a captivating plot to invite the reader to play. What is in the end puzzle square? A riddle, it’s actually a joke: a joke.

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joker Displays: puzzle
Matthew RosenbergJesus Merino, Kieron Grant, Danny, Vanessa Del Rey (and others)
Giuseppe Buttiglione translation
panini cartoonsAugust 2022
248 pages, hardcover, color – 27.00 €
ISBN: 9788828739258

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