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Exclusive: Chelsea Sale. Dozens of offers in billions of euros are the fastest negotiations in football history. Those offers were rejected. The new ownership will be … changing the plans of Juventus and Inter

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Abramovich’s valuation of Chelsea seemed ambiguous: 3 billion euros, half of which were debts owed by the company to the owner. But in truth, the financial strength, the international brand and the March 18 deadline for bids have attracted an astonishing number of buyers, a huge number regardless of the brutal dimension of the deal at stake and even more. itself to find a lot of bidders for the football club in such a short time.
About fifteen offers were received by the investment bank responsible for the sale after approval from the British government, which is really exciting considering that it all happened in less than a week. Shows hover around the 3 billion valuation, unnoticed, with a variance of a few hundred million between the various shows. Without a doubt, the deal remains to sell the fastest club in football history, even more incredible considering it may be the most expensive.
Lots of choices, this time around the moral question is almost certain to be raised. That is, given the approval from the government, proposals from Middle Eastern countries of questionable credibility will be ignored, especially in reference to the presence attributed to state funds belonging to Saudi Arabia – and not just for the sake of the possible. Competitive conflict with the Newcastle fund owner Pif.
Political preference is in favor of Anglo-Saxon shows, which can attest favorably for one of the few shows already confirmed, or an American coming from Shepherd Tom Ricketts, owner of the Cubs. And there may also be other American funds that, who knows, will not change the direction of the Premier League, which was tied to American money.
The big change in the Blues alters the plans of those hoping to slip on chances at Stamford Bridge: Now Christensen is married to Barcelona, ​​Rudiger could also go far to Juventus, but the Bianconeri were above all hoping to get their chances. Jorginho delivers at a well-balanced price, while Inter were more than considering a loan return for Lukaku who faced his second corporate hurricane in two years. Instead, Chelsea will honor their financial obligations – but perhaps they will still be unhappy with Lukaku, because Tuchel’s opinion will probably suffice …

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