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Amazing discovery in Canada! The baby mammoth emerges completely protected from permafrost

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The body of a well-preserved baby wool mammoth, Mammoth Primigenius, has been found in the Yukon region of Canada. According to experts, the prehistoric animal is 30,000 years old and died during the Ice Age

An incredible discovery in the gold deposits of Klondike in the Canadian part of the Yukon region, where some miners have found the body of a woolly mammoth. Mammudas Primigenius When digging in permafrost, made by mummy.

This The most complete and best preserved wool mammoth in the New World. In fact, it is very rare to find remains of prehistoric animals that still have the skin and hair of the coat.

The body of the animal, which was excavated on June 21, 2022, was mummified and came to the site to study the specimen, according to experts from Yukon Geological Survey and the University of Calgary, which predates the Ice Age.

The youngest mammoth, a female, would then have died frozen 30,000 years ago, trapped in permanent ice. The ice was able to fully protect his small body to this day.

Wool Uncle

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The animal was given the name Nan Cho Ka, which means “small to large animal” in Yugan and the Han language spoken in Alaska. Nan Cho Ka wool, found in Siberia in 2007, is similar to mammoth liuba. However, the latter is approximately 42,000 years old.

As a Ice Age ancient scientist, one of my lifelong dreams was to meet a real woolly uncle face to face. That dream has come true today. Nan Cho Ka is beautiful and one of the most amazing ice age mummy made animals ever discovered in the world. I’m glad to know more about her, ”said ancient researcher Grant Josula.

Source: Yukon.com

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