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Alan Wake 2 will be a true horror game and the most graphically advanced Remedy game –

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Alan Wake 2 It was finally announced and clearly presented by Remedy Entertainment at The Game Awards 2021, and the Finnish team added that real horror And the game with More advanced graphics The team never did.

Given that Remedy is also known for the graphics quality of its games, this last statement is especially valuable, as it means that we can expect great things from Alan Wake 2 from a technical point of view.

Alan Wake 2, scene from the trailer

We saw the trailer for The Game Awards yesterday with the release period, but in the quick edit of scenes it’s still hard to get an idea of ​​the actual game.

The atmosphere is really clear, and seems to remember with precision one great one from the first Alan Wake, but in this case it could all be a bit more disturbing and dark, considering that Remedy wants to explore the entire horror genre, even compared to the first chapter that he was leaning more To psychological thriller, outside the strict horror stages.

In a new interview with IGN, Sam Lake Remedy reported that the team is using its Northlight engine to develop Alan Wake 2: “For this kind of experience where atmosphere and style are more important than ever, we think it’s important to use the Northlight we know so well and therefore know how to make the most of it to focus on some things and pay others.”

Lake also reported that Remedy plans to go even further in horror: “This Date Horror has psychological aspects and investigates a deep and multi-layered mystery. And yes, it would be intimidating, but it all works really well with the gameplay.”

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