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Who is likely to pay for withdrawal

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Changes are on the horizon for the world of cash trading. Expected changes in commission costs

ATM withdrawals (Adobe Photo)

The numerous changes underway that affect the circulation of money in general also include mobility Money Cash. The gradual reform of the financial world is underway regarding cash circulationThe. The novelties in particular include ATM withdrawals. In fact, the company that operates the ATM suggested changing the commission fees.

According to Bancomat Spa, whose shares are owned by major credit institutions, banks are no longer willing to pay for the free withdrawal service. These are, in particular, the withdrawals that matter to the people who turn to them ATM machines from institutions other than their own. Many banks offer and have so far provided the free service to their customers.

ATMs, what happens to commissions

ATM withdrawals (Adobe Photo)

However, the cost of this service is still, which should reach a figure equal to 0.49 Cents per commission. The cost that the banks want Beat on. So a reform was proposed that would change a lot in the habits of citizens accustomed to using cash. to me Residents of some areas It could be a problem because the banks are also gradually reducing the number of branches and ATMs in the area.

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Therefore, for the cost that is already in some area related to the movement needed to get to the ATM, the A committee For those who take to this day Free Services. In some areas that have been particularly affected by the presence of ATMs to make up for this shortfall, agreements have been made with pharmacies through which cash can be withdrawn.

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How much will the increase cost: expectations

For the cost, this should hover 1.50 euro. According to Altroconsumo, credit institutions should adjust themselves as in other situations of a financial nature. to wait with contexts What will happen It will be necessary, however, to wait for the result of the antitrust opinion.

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The agency is expected to speak by April 29. However, even if the proposal is accepted, the repair will not take place quickly in any case. It is estimated, starting from the antitrust site, they will at least pass 12 or 18 months From the effectiveness of any repair. Reform tends in any case to reduce criticism and in favor of digitization.

The trend is also confirmed by the fact that while the average overhead for keeping accounts bank stream Online account offers are increasing. The fact that there are offers on online accounts especially for those under their forties gives a little idea about direction Moment.

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