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Last chance Canada seeks revenge on Ferrari Villeneuve track

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Rome – 15 hours flight from Baku to Montreal and two continents beyond. Formula One is changing the world: You are going to Canada Ninth stage of the World Cup, Round with the name of Gilles Villeneuve. Ferrari sticks to it, even the best. Because the World Cup is running, a fidelity to be rediscovered, dreams still stand, but who knows how long.

Charles Lecklerk left the bile between Monaco and Azerbaijan, The running Red Bull has very little choice but to look in the rearview mirror. The double zero in the bag fed the insecurity demon in the Ferrari. Three retirees for technical reasons in the last three races are a badly lit tunnel. Following in the footsteps of Leklerk’s hope and ringworm pills (“I’m not giving up, I want to be a champion”), Carlos Science has already lowered the bar: “I’ve been out of the World Cup, I ‘made a lot of mistakes”. This time around, Leklerk’s Blessed Power Unit will be the protagonist of a track, much like the Montreal engine.

Verstappen and Perez meanwhile are enjoying a five-game series that broke expectations for the start of the season: The margin of silence is 80 points above constructors ‘standing and 34 points above drivers’ level clerk. The new Sergio Perez from the update is almost faster than the current world champion. Together they create a ticket that is currently hard to beat on Notre Dame Island: 4.361 kilometers straight and 70 laps between the Chickens, for a total of 14 corners. The last – and it was in 2019 – saw the cut fade with a 5-second penalty after Hamilton’s catch Mercedes in the 48th lap.. Now all the infamous bourgeoisie, the Englishman who had to beat the tic-tac-toe first due to the ground effect won. Pictures of poor ‘old’ Louise with back pain at the end of Azerbaijan GP have become a symbol of technical and medical discomfort: riders fear resistance and health will suffer. In Canada, at 2,200 meters straight, they are a very serious problem. The latest is nothing but the so-called ‘wall of champion’: in Canada, in one sense or another, the World Cup could begin to write a name in it.

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