Home Top News A book about immigrants to Canada and the United States from Liceo Vico di Sulmona – HGnews

A book about immigrants to Canada and the United States from Liceo Vico di Sulmona – HGnews


From the “Giambattista Vigo” high school in Pescara – Salmona, there is a class that has been studying the migration phenomenon for three years, collecting testimonies, photos and stories. These are 15 students studying 5th G, Under the guidance of the authors Carolina Lettieri, Vanessa Romanelli and Annalucia Cardinali, they have prepared a book, which is about to go to print, which will be distributed in Abruzzo and Canada.

The book is entitled “Voices of Abruzzo” and is a collection of testimonies of famous Abruzzese residents in Canada and the United States, “interviewed by boys with a sociological inclination – Prof. Lettieri – to make a commemorative journey. It confronts the human adventure of the settlement and its success far from Italy.

The company “G. Vigo” is not new to these experiences. In previous years, the same authors have raised, among other classes, family memories and two volumes on immigration from the end of the 19th century (“La Merica” ​​and “Un Oceano de Garda”). The impoverished territory, the villages and caused the depopulation of the countryside. The activity of the Vigo di Salmona High School naturally draws the attention of the Immigration Office of the Abruzzo Region, which has chosen for some time to explore the regional territory in order to create conditions for stable and lasting contact with the people of Abruzzo. The world through cultural, economic, social and tourism initiatives. In this sense the Salmona School A meeting with director Caterina Fantoussi and the faculty is key.The study and writing experience culminates in a presentation of the book, followed by a study trip to Canada, where students and faculty will spend the night as part of the Cram-Regional. and the associations of the Abruzzo people of North America. Council of Abruzzo in the world.


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