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When it comes out and where it can be streamed

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It looks like the Alien saga is starting to make a comeback. Not only is the TV series announced by Noah Hawley for FX, in recent days we are also talking about a new movie dedicated exclusively to streaming platforms.

According to some rumors, in fact, a new movie dedicated to xenomorphs will arrive in America hollow And in the rest of the world with Disney Plus. Thus, the new alien will be directed by Alvarez Faithformer director of the remake edition of DI the home And the man in the dark.

Alien will soon receive a TV series and movie, the latter also arriving exclusively on Disney Plus


In this new adventure, he will obviously join him Ridley Scott from him free of silence He will take care of production. The news of arriving exclusively in live broadcasts, despite the disappointment of many fans of the saga, is not too surprising.

head Twentieth Century StudiosAnd the Steve Aspelleadership from the company’s purchase before DisneyIn several interviews, he explained how investments in film products would be lower than when it was a stand-alone company.

Moreover, in this case, too, to play a fundamental card for this decision was COVID-19 that hit hard all the realities of our world, and no sector was spared. Thus, this crisis, together with the increased distribution of the flow, would have prompted production to invest in the project.

The idea was proposed years ago by Fede Alvarez to Ridley Scott

Fede Alvarez-

Coming back to talking about Alien, so even though there’s no certainty about the plot that will follow the movie, it seems the director has confirmed that this chapter won’t be related to anyone else in the series. Thus, we can rule out that the movie will deal with a sequel or even a prologue to one of the adventures we have already seen.

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According to various rumors, Fede Alvarez has always been a huge fan of the Alien saga, so much so that he would have presented the project to Ridley Scott several years ago. Therefore, the latter was tormented until he decided to call the young fellow to tell him if he still wanted to work on this idea.

Even 20th Century Studios would have greatly appreciated the idea and its boss reassured the audience: “It’s a really good story with a bunch of characters you’ve never seen before.”.

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