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Meaning What is the message of the film

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The Book Thief Story is a 2013 film based on the novel of the same name by Markus Zusak. A story that has a lot to teach us. A universal story, whose birth and death do not find in the historical period in which they are contextualised. Its value remains today, because a letter can be tremendously recent, and then, speaking of history, a bad habit of repeating itself.

What message does the book thief story leave for us? What is the ultimate meaning of this rich cast movie, starring Sophie Nellis, Jeffrey Rush and Emily Watson.

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The story of the book thief meaning

Knowledge is salvation. Knowledge is a means to hope. Memory must be protected. These are the “weapons” that humanity can use against the atrocities that our species is capable of committing. The protagonist is drawn to books, which were on fire at the time of Nazism, although she was not able to read. She intends to get out of the oblivion she fell into because of her illiteracy. Its growth path passes through those forbidden pages. Reading is an act of rebellion, just as chasing after the truth and not stopping at a distorted and subjective account of events can help us all not allow certain tragedies to happen again.

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The film defines how words are life. Thanks to the fact that it is possible to imagine other worlds, to escape from the state of permanent death dominating the world while the story unfolds. Reading is salvation. The books know how to be a link with the past, which may remind you of what the world was like in different eras and what could be again, for better or worse. The death that men inflict on other men is the result of ignorance and culture is our most powerful weapon.

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