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Mid-August 2022 in the death share of Carlo Verdone’s Un Sacco Bello

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A mid-August “very beautiful”. The Death Stake has also been renewed for August 15, 2022. Fixed hold For more than ten years To this segment, promoted by “comedy giants” who launched the event again this year with a special Facebook page. “Tabbella de Marcia: Palo della Morte, Vardechiana, Borzano and Krakow”, this is the beginning of the event that in previous editions saw dozens and dozens of Romans on a pilgrimage through Giovanni Conti, in Vigne Nuove, including last year until one State Police Patrol. Ballpoint pens, mesh stockings, the appointment between Enzo (no Renzo) and Sergio has been renewed for 42 years now, under what was once a high voltage pole (and then a death shaft) under the so-called “cylinders” in the densely populated area. Third municipality of Montesacro.

The first day of August 15th at the Death Pole which will also be a celebration of Sergio, the friend with whom Enzo had to go to Krakow, where the flight was then interrupted by the illness of the convict’s traveling companion played by Verdoni. Renato Scarpa, the actor who spoiled the trip to Poland, died on December 30 at his home in Monteverde. The actor was born in Milan in 1939 At the age of 82 years. It was he, in July 2020, who opened one with Verdone himself poster board Specifically on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of the film in cinemas.

Also this year, with Sergio serving up the pit, hundreds of Romans will go to the Death Stake for the inescapable Ferragosto selfie. A trip to Krakow which, however, also in 2022 will not start from Vigne Nuove, but for 42 years now from Piazzale dei Partigiani, where he meets Enzo, after dozens of phone calls “to see how you are put in Ferragosto” his friend by Martucci who on Board the legendary spider Alfa Dino, they are leaving for Poland: “Vintages, Vintages. Lots for everyone.”

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