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Microsoft Flight Simulator, Canada is ready to fly in a new update

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With a post Xbox Wire, Microsoft Flight Simulator Launched its 11th global update. In this huge free update, we can explore the entire region of Canada. The introductory article also includes a three-minute video showing most of the scenarios included in Microsoft Simulation.. The list of new places to visit is quite extensive, as is the detail shown in the promotional video for the additional content.

Canada in Microsoft Flight Simulator (you find Also on Amazon) is reproduced more faithfully than other inserted regions. As can be easily understood from the video shown, this message is about many cities and many iconic places like Niagara Falls or the Canadian Parliament.. All these locations and many other points of interest located in various cities of the Canadian region will be freely explored with the new update.

The new destinations include five new airports, nine additional missions, three new bush missions, three landing challenges and three discovery flights.. Included in these contents are Microsoft Flight Simulator and many new attractions that are authentically created to visit twelve urban areas. With this new update, players will surely have extra hours of gameplay.

The 11th global update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available on PC and Xbox. We also remind you that the title is available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for all subscribers of the service. Also, the update is free for all owners of the standard version of the game. To get it, simply retrieve it from the game’s market and wait for the download to finish. Finally, for a great gaming experience, Flight Simulator requires some equipment that can make the most of the experience of flying. You can find an article with our recommendations on the best peripherals to buy for Microsoft gaming.

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