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John Wayne’s veil has been a secret for decades

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John Wayne He is undoubtedly one of the most important and representative actors of the twentieth century, who has become an icon not only for his countless roles. in western movies But also for many other films of various kinds. As everyone knows, his last movie was The Pistolero of 1976. What if we told you that instead Did he also secretly appear in Star Wars the following year? Let’s find out together!

John Wayne in Star Wars

Jarindan with a Stormtrooper in Episode 4

you remember Grandin’s spy? The exotic quobaz species can be recognized by its dark cover and insect-like snout. In “A New Hope” has only a brief role, where Lead the storm to Luke and the rest of the gang to Moss Eisley before they ran away with Millennium Falcon. In the scene we hear him speaking in a strange, incomprehensible language, then the legendary sound designer Ben Burt revealed in Interview In 2007 it It’s an intensely processed version of Wayne’s voice. Burt says that when he created Jarindan’s sound, he used “…electronic hum coming from my synthesizer It is activated by a human voice“.

When I review the audio files, I realize it The voice was none other than Wayne’s, taken from some audio files that Fox had abandoned. Burt also mentioned that “…This post was triggered by dialogue like ‘Well, what are you doing in this city’ or something like that”. Of course, it’s impossible to distinguish Wayne’s voice in Episode 4, and This little gem has been unknown for decades. even story Bert 30 years after the movie was released, it has been confirmed In Issue 110 of Star Wars Insider Released in 2009.

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John Wayne isn’t the only family member to appear in the franchise: Brendan’s granddaughter made of Reserve for Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in The Mandalorian. What do you think of this very special vocal veil? Let us know in the comments! And keep following us, until FacebookAnd the YoutubeAnd the Instagram And the Twitter! We’ll keep you updated on the Star Wars universe.


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