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Pisces (2023): The Candid Review

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exit: Darren Aronofsky Film script: Samuel D. Photography: Matthew Libatik. music: Rob Simonson; Costumes: Danny Glicker. Scenography: Mark Friedberg, Robert Pezucha; special effects: Julian Lambert, Bilali Mac; Interpreters: Charlie (Brendan Fraser), Ellie (Sadie Sink), Thomas (Tye Simpkins), Liz (Hung Chau), Mary (Samantha Morton), Dan (Satya Sridharan); production: Darren Aronofsky, Jeremy Dawson, Ari Handel, Tyson Bidener, Scott Franklin; production company: A24, pictures of protozoa; production country: USA-2022; Duration: 117 ‘

WhaleWhale It’s a stab in the heartwhich contrary to what can happen to the protagonist, managed to reach our internal organs, to shake the soul and heart of the viewer. It is as poignant as it is devastatinga whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions enclosed in a limited space and in time destined to end: The story of redemption without asking for salvationShe looks to cover up mistakes and restore separation caused by forbidden love.

Whale: Not just a very good Brendan Fraser

Whalefiled in 79th Venice International Film Festival On September 4, 2022 and one week later on Toronto International Film FestivalAnd Whale Released in US theaters from December 9, 2022, Setting the record for best limited opening with a total of $360,000. He reached us on February 23, 2023 and I was almost amazed that the hall was completely full. Overseas success and Three Academy Award nominations (Best Makeup, Best Supporting Actress for Hong Zhao, and Best Leading Actor for Brendan Fraser) increased the interest of the Italian public.

WhaleIn particular, for his performance in WhaleAnd The lead star won a Critics’ Choice Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best ActorBeside Oscar nominations as the best leading actor, at the Golden Globes in the Best Actor in a Drama section in a BAFTA award In the Best Leading Actor section. Brendan Fraser is my childhood actorthe protagonist of the cinematic adventure novel such as the D-Trilogy mummyAnd Looney Tunes: Back in Action or Inkhart; Then his career deteriorated until 2018 when he entered the world of DC TV series with a role Clifford “Cliff” Steele / Robotman.

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Brendan FraserHe should have played too the wicked bat girlAnd The DC Comics project was later canceled in post-production. In 2022, he manages to return to the greats of cinema and dedicate his career with a role waiting for nothing but an Oscar. Brendan Fraser plays Charlie, a morbidly obese professor whose soul has become burdened over the years by mistakes and regrets.. Amplified by prosthetics, the actor manages to show all the greatness and depth of character in Hunter’s work. From the pages of the LA Times, Fraser defends the film From the complaints of those who want a really fat actor and from the accusations of fatophobia:

Whale<< أنا أحترم أولئك الذين لا يرون الهدف من هذا الفيلم. لكنني لا أتفق معهم لأنني أعلم أنه لا يوجد حقد ولا نوايا سيئة. أعلم أنني أريد أن أعرف ما إذا كنت أنا ، بريندان ، قد ارتكبت خطأً. لكن الرد الذي تلقيته من OAC كان "استمر في فعل ما تفعله". لقد صنعنا الفيلم الذي أردنا صنعه وقمنا بتصحيحه. وأنا مستمر في دعم هذه الفكرة. >>.

Formerly Darren Aronofsky, boss WhaleHe stated that he had been trying to make the film for ten years, but the biggest difficulty he faced was choosing the right actor for the lead; Then specify why you should not hire an obese actor:

<< يوجد فصل ، في تاريخ إنتاج هذا الفيلم ، حاولنا فيه حقًا العثور على ممثل يعاني من السمنة. إلى جانب عدم القدرة على العثور على ممثل قادر على التعبير عن النطاق العاطفي الكامل للجزء والتعامل معه ، فقد أصبح حقًا بحثًا يُرمز إليه بجنون معين. من المسلسل ، إذا لم نتمكن من العثور على شخص يزن 250 كيلوغرامًا ، فهل كان الممثل 136 كافيًا أم كان أفضل بـ 180 ممثلًا؟ من وجهة نظر صحية بحتة ، كان من الممكن أن يكون ذلك ممنوعًا. لقد كان دورًا مستحيلًا أن توكل إلى شخص يواجه هذه المشاكل حقًا. >>

WhaleAuthor of many powerful stories such as the mom!And Noah or black SwanAnd Darren Aronofsky introduces us Whale In 4/3 format to get up close and personal with Charlie’s drama and immerse himself in his story. The screenplay has also been nominated for several awards, and is written by Samuel D. Hunter, the same author of the homonymous play that inspired the film; He has achieved great success in theater and has won several awards, such as the Drama Desk Award, the Lucille Lortel Award, and the GLAAD Media Awards..

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WhaleEvery member of the cast Whale He manages to increase the film’s appeal with his well-timed performance. Hong Zhao (food menu) earned an Academy Award nomination because with his accompanying role he often steals the show from the protagonist, showing varying degrees of support and patience. Sadie Sink personifies the adolescent unable to understand the lack of a parent and decipher the world around him; Little sister Jessie He plays his character in the younger version, as he did in 2019’s Weird things. Samantha Jane Morton (Agreements and disagreements) plays an ex-wife who is torn between hate and past love.

Whalein the end, Thomas Ty Simpkins (Harley V Iron Man 3 and in Avengers: Endgame) represents the forgotten faith, as opposed to the self-abandonment felt by the protagonist. The last part of Whale It’s perfect and may have changed each character’s vision, too. I leave you with Darren Aronofsky’s words In a sense, he gives us the story of the movie:

<< أعتقد أن الحوت هو مثل استعارة مودي ديك. إنهم يطاردون الحوت ، لكن هذا ليس ما يطاردونه حقًا. هناك فراغ في هذه الشخصيات والطريقة الوحيدة لملئه هي التواصل مع بعضها البعض. أعتقد أن هذا ما يريد الفيلم الحديث عنه. >>

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