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Sonic 2 is confirmed to be the most successful video game-based movie in the US –

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Based on the updated results reported by the deadline, Sonic 2 The video game movie from The most successful movie in the history of the United StatesBreaking the previous record for the first Sonic movie, $147 million for $146.

However, Sonic 2 has not yet reached the record in global store In the specific ranking of the most successful video game-based films: This still belongs to 2016’s World of Warcraft, which grossed $439 million.

From that point of view, Sonic 2 still has a long way to go, considering it currently stands at 287.8 million, but a few weeks after its release in theaters, it may be able to spike again.

Sonic 2 movie, poster

However, the path is not an easy one, given the prospective arrival of live broadcasts and different audiences’ turnout in cinema in this historical period.

So the movie continues with Jim Carrey, Idris Elba and Ben Schwartz, and Paramount has already announced a new chapter with Sonic 3although this certainly wouldn’t be Carrey in the cast, considering the actor plans to take a break, and as a result, the production has ruled out the possibility of his character returning with another artist.

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