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When and where do McDonald’s restaurants open in Battipalia: history and installation

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When and where does it open? McDonald’s a Battipaglia? The restaurant will open later December 29, 2021. To formalize the new opening, Dr. Luigi Sniclotto, McDonald’s Partner in Salerno and Potenza, on the occasion of the press conference held in the Salotto Comunale of Battipaglia, together with Mayor Cecilia Frances.

When and where do McDonald’s restaurants open in Battipalia: history and installation

Innovative design, located on SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore (at the intersection with the Carmine Turco crossroads), has a high occupational and productive impact, and is part of a city area marked by an important urban renewal project. They will already 50 selected units will work in the restaurant Battipaglia.

“We are pleased that we were able to build this structure, which became strategic for Battipalia and realizing this enthusiasm from the territory – Luigi Sniclotto starts is being A restaurant with post-industrial architecture Inside, with vintage but at the same time a very smart atmosphere, equipped with all services, from McDrive to McCafè, to the playground for children and games. The staff has been in the training phase for some time: we have drawn in mainly from local areas, for a total of 50 employees that have already been expected in the opening phase.”

In anticipation of cutting the tape in a very discreet manner and with a minimum opening, in line with prevention measures Corona virus disease: “We are very positive, although the moment is not the best, given the development of the infection. Many families are suffering, so we will open the doors to the public in a tone less respectful of the pain of the victims of the pandemic. And then, as soon as possible, we will take initiatives to support and start our settlement. Indeed In 2022, we wish the entire community and families a better future than what we live in.”

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Intensify engagement with local communities. On the occasion of cutting the ribbon on December 29, the new initiative will also be identified that will see McDonald’s, together with the municipal administration and voluntary associations, in the field of social projects for the benefit of the most vulnerable and those currently living in uneasy conditions.

“With McDonald’s, a major urban renewal program for the Carmen Turco district has been amplified, with a series of new commercial settlements – Mayor Cecilia Francis confirms – Cooperation with McDonald’s will continue on projects to protect the environment, revive the skate park that rises behind the restaurant, and build parking and green spaces. We will create gardens for the people of the neighborhood that will soon change their face. Many local youths were interviewed and recruited. Having an international brand in Battipalia makes us proud, also in terms of attractiveness. We are convinced that many people will also come to Battipaglia for McDonald’s: it is an important motivator. In the future, we will also intervene in mobility, to improve alternative routes, in line with the master plan. The future lies in the redevelopment of existing areas, with a vision of zero soil consumption.”

During the intense public discussion, on the occasion of the press conference, Luigi Sniclotto also clarified The values ​​and philosophy of a new way of ‘ethical business practice’, With people in the center, he also identifies different initiatives to support the regions implemented in 2021: from the campaign against littering “Days Together for the Environment”, to meals for the benefit of voluntary associations in Salerno and Potenza.

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“Social sensitivity accompanies us across regions. First of all, the passion and desire to build a path with the community – Highlights of Luigi Sniclotto Supporting communities in synergy with local institutions is a great common goal. Getting involved, being together, and sharing should lead us to a sense of shared social responsibility. And also environmental protection issues, consider environmentally sustainable packaging, while completely eliminating plastic. Recycling processes to protect the environment and much more. is being This is the most beautiful picture that inspires us towards our work team which also includes our employees.”

the restaurant

The new restaurant, with 231 seats between indoors and outdoors, is complete with a McDrive and McCafé aisle where you can enjoy high-quality coffee and a diverse offering of cafeteria beverages, brioches and baked goods.

The Battipaglia restaurant will be able to welcome and serve customers in the dining room and on its terrace daily from 6.00 to 1.00. At the same time, it will also be possible to take advantage of the take-out service, which is strictly organized to ensure the safety and health of customers and employees. Entrances to the restaurant are limited and products are delivered offline by staff. The order can be made independently at the kiosks, where McDonald’s has implemented exceptional cleaning and sanitizing procedures, or at the cash desk.

to me The McDrive service will also be active, operating Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day. The request is taken with the utmost security Via intercom while the meal is delivered through your car window without direct contact between employees and customers.

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Since the beginning of the health emergency, McDonald’s has faced the situation with the utmost care and responsibility, putting the safety and health of its 25,000 employees across Italy and its loyal customers first.

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