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Football, three of a kind from Syracuse to Aesicatina: after a month of fasting, it returns to victory

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The fast lasted exactly one month. Syracuse returns to victory by defeating Acicatena at home in a rematch on the twelfth day of the tournament. Facing Mazzaroni, last October 30, Aretusea won 3-0, revealing a clear technical-tactical superiority over the generous but young opposing team.

Gear away and Savasta misses a good opportunity, shooting weakly at close range. Then Vicarotta tried twice, in the first circumstance, serving high from an almost impossible position and in the second firing central from a middle distance. In the 28th minute, the blue playmaker was again the hero with a shot that Tomaselli denied at the feet of Giordano who, however, fumbled the ball and the chance disappeared.

A minute later, Vicarotta’s counter strike was only slightly high. In the 35th minute, Montagno got space with his right foot, but Santito ran down the path, which deflected into a corner. Three minutes have passed and the blue forward opens the score with a close-range shot after the goalkeeper’s header is denied by Porcaro. Another pass that gives Aretusei 2-0 is that of Savasta when developing a free kick by Ficarrotta and blocking it off the post.

Almost nothing happens in the second half. Acicatena tries to appear in the blue half of the field but only in the 34th minute takes the first shot on goal. Genovese lifts the ball, which Mazzio kicked over the crossbar. Two minutes later Peluso put the exclamation mark on the game with the goal 3-0 after an assist from Rica. The Azzurri will return to the field on Sunday away at Roca Aquidulcesi.

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