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Supercar Blondie, is the exciting Australian influencer in the world of supercars

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There are more and more personalities who, taking advantage of the growing potential of the web and above all social networks, are joining the beautiful cars to get great acclaim. For example?

The particular and recently defined case is case Blondie Supercar: But who are we talking about? It’s an allegory for an Australian who loves cars very much.

what did he do? First of all, he was able to ride an innate passion for motors, and also a similar innate gift, which is physical beauty. So who are we talking about?

This is basically one story Australian sexy influencerwho loves super cars and who, in short, managed to win over Jamal Millions of dollars. like?

its name Alex Hershey And seeing her, of course, you know, you immediately think of her amazing beauty and charm: Blonde, blue eyesturned his love of cars into an entrepreneurial asset.

Car influencer: record profits

Today a woman earns with her company something like 6 digits zero: how? Precisely through the power of social networks, fashion influencers, or better sexy influencers.


Then, in this case, following a very famous old axiom (women and movers, in fact) linking herself to movers was much easier for her, who has Passion in practice Forever.

in defining it Feragni from car, More often than not, they sure haven’t messed up or overdid it: It’s capable, with shots in one car Or next to this or that model let’s say thousands of people.

likes on likes, Ioisa agrees, turning a passion for money and photos into a business that has made them beyond i 14 million fans: Many today call her the queen of auto influencers.

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Exciting and expert: from cars to social networking, what you get

That is to say, all these women who throw themselves at spreading information, pictures, ideas and fairly simple sensory snapshots throughout the world of motors and cars in particular. Alex succeeds great.

Hershey-2 motorsome

The beautiful Australian has created a real winning mechanism: from pictures with luxury cars like Ferrari or the Bentley Onwards, he began to make reviews of great importance and interest.

It never rains yet. On social networks you can earn a lot: Alex Truly he has been able to bring home the beauty beyond $2.2 million And win six thousand (always in dollars) one position on Social TikTok.

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