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A mercenary from the US Navy was killed in Ukraine

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A mercenary from the US Navy was killed in Ukraine

A US Marine who deserted his position to fight as a mercenary in Ukraine dies of his injuries.
According to a TIME magazine report, this week the US Marine Corps, who abandoned their position to participate as mercenaries in Ukraine, was assassinated.

According to the report, which quoted a Navy officer, Daniel Swift, Special Warfare Operator 1st Class, died of injuries sustained following a Russian attack.

According to the report, Swift has been designated an active defector since March 11, 2019. However, it is not clear if Swift is actually in Ukraine on a special mission..

It is worth noting that the US State Department, however, has not confirmed the name of the US Navy, but has acknowledged the recent death of a US citizen in action in Ukraine, as the Time report notes.

The Biden administration has asked the American people, including military personnel and veterans, to refrain from traveling to Ukraine to participate as foreign fighters.

theThe Russian Defense Ministry has also warned that mercenaries entering Ukraine are not considered official employees or combatants and risk execution or imprisonment.
Source: Agencies

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