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Data centers running out of space

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The wave of sanctions issued by the Western world and beyond The Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine, to the most diverse consequences, from the traffic of used smartphones sold in Russia to the space in data centers. But what can Moscow do about this problem?

As it turns out, this problem may be more serious than expected and the giant Eurasian country may run out of stock in a couple of months. To counter this imminent threat to Russian IT services, which we remember became vital after the blocking of social media, mass media and Western Cloud CentersThe Kremlin is thinking first of all about taking over the storage centers of companies that have left the country.

The project will further exacerbate the situation.”smart city“Which, according to colleagues from GizChinaThis would be a massive state-owned video surveillance and facial recognition software.

Major players in the Russian tech scene have already begun to move to expand their resources. MegaFon, a mobile operator, has multiplied its capacity five times, while the VK group aims to expand its capabilities by at least 20%.

One of the first actions will be related to freezing Yarovaya Law, which requires phone operators to expand their storage space by 15% annually for counter-terrorism purposes. The second relates to Limitations in suggesting streaming platforms multimedia and other services.unessentialAs a direct consequence, there will also be the possibility that the Government will take over storage centers in the territory in a coercive manner, and will act to control more closely the type of use that is made of this resource, further limiting the space available for recreational services.

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Finally, there’s always China that nevertheless officially He has not yet confirmed the Kremlin’s endorsement The impression is that the Beijing government’s decision will not arrive any time soon.

In this panorama, we remember that the war is not only fought in the field and on the bank. In fact, hackers are also launching attacks on Russia and government services, in an unprecedented global mobilization.

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