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For Disenchantment – A guide to Disney series actors and characters

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Among Old Acquaintances and New Entries, A Guide to the Characters and Crew of Come Every Disillusioned – And Lived Unhappy and Discontented, sequel to the Disney cult with Amy Adams. This article contains spoilers for both films.

Fifteen years have passed since then As if by magic He distorts the concept of a Disney fairy tale, telling the story of Princess Giselle suddenly being catapulted into modern-day New York. A story that invaded the public and released its hero once and for all. Amy Adams, on the Hollywood star Olympus. It’s impossible, then, — in this age of reboots, remakes and sequels — to resist the temptation to pack Chapter IIwhere it is known how it develops “happy ending” About Giselle and “she” Robert. on me Disney + So it went down – th November 18thAs if from disappointment – and they lived unhappy and discontented, an interpretive sequel set years after the first film. In this new adventure, Giselle is wiser and less naive and has dealt with the harsh realities of everyday life. Yet at the same time, he still longs for more of that imaginary happiness and bliss, going so far as to commit an act he may come to regret. But who’s still next to Gisele/Amy Adams after all these years? Between old acquaintances and new faces, that’s it Guide to the characters (and crew) From As if through disappointment.

As if from disappointment – and they lived unhappy and discontented: Directory of Disney sequel actors and characters

As if through disappointment – Amy Adams is Gisele

How to channel disappointed actors -

in the first chapter Giselle She is – at first – an animated character from the fictional kingdom of Andalusia. Falling in love—with the classic love at first sight—of King Edward, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Edward’s stepmother, sends her back to the kingdom. “Where no one lives happily ever after.”: the real world, specifically New York. She marries, at the end of the film, Robert, the New York attorney who helps her settle in the city, she will decide – V.I As if through disappointment – to move to Monroeville, a suburban town where he hopes to find some peace and happiness for his family. To explain it, again, Amy Adams, one of the most popular and prolific actresses of her generation. It has just been launched before As if by magic, 6 Academy Award nominations, and collaborations with the most acclaimed directors – including Adam McKay, David O. Russell, Tim Burton, Denis Villeneuve – and a role in the DC Universe franchise (Lois Lane).

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Patrick Dempsey is Robert Philip

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Robert He is a frustrated and divorced New York attorney, father of Morgan and about to marry – in the first film – the cynical Nancy. He meets Giselle by chance, and seeing her having difficulty, his daughter convinces him to help her. Then the rest is history (note). After fifteen years of marriage, he decides to indulge his wife’s desire and follows her to Monroeville with his two daughters, only to find himself on a daring adventure. Robert has a face Patrick DempseyUnforgettable – and unforgettable – Derek “Dr. Strangelove” Shepherd in instinct anatomy. However, the actor also has a career behind him in rather revealing roles in comedies and hit movies, one of which is a rom-com with an ensemble cast. date with love And the Bridget Jones’ baby. However, his most important roles are related to the world of serialization. In fact, he was recently the protagonist of the series The truth about the Harry Kippert case – Adapted from the best seller of the same name – He is currently busy with the Sky series demonsBeside Alessandro Borghi.

As if through disappointment James Marsden returns as King Edward

Come per disicanto cast guide -

Edward and the King of Andalusia. Madely is in love with Giselle, he runs to her rescue by following her to New York. Completely unable to adjust to “real” life, he returns to his kingdom in the company of Nancy, who – after her separation from Robert – dreams of a fairytale ending. in As if through disappointment He is still married to Nancy and with her he visits Giselle and Robert at their new home in Monroeville. James Marsden Adds body and voice to Edward. Marsden, who has appeared in several comedies and Terrorjacker (HairsprayAnd the 27 times emptyAnd the accidental loveAnd the Pages of our lives), best known for his roles as Scott Summers \ Cyclops in the saga X-MenBy Tom Wachowski in the franchise My voice and Teddy Flood in westworld.

Idina Menzel is Nancy Tremaine

As if guides the actors through disappointment

initially engaged to Robert, Nancy She decides to marry King Edward when she realizes that her future husband is in love with Giselle. in As if through disappointment So it became Queen of Andalusia. Nancy and Edward Furthermore it Sofia’s godmother and godfatherRobert and Giselle’s daughter – only a few months old. Idina Menzel — who returned to play Nancy — is best known as a stage actress, having been in some popular Broadway musicals (LeasingAnd the funny girlAnd the evil). In film and television, she has appeared in small roles: in TV series cheerfulin the Netflix movie rough diamonds and in the Prime Video version of Cinderella. She is also the voice actress for Elsa in the franchise frozen.

Maya Rudolph is the villain Malvina Monroe

As if guides the actors through disappointment

Maya Rudolph is the main new entry for the cast, because in the first film the villain was Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon). Rudolph plays Malvina MonroeAnd the The undisputed “Queen Bee” of Monroeville. Feeling threatened by Giselle, he takes aim at her, making her feel out of place and causing her to perform an ill-conceived action. Maya Rudolph is best known for being the comedian of Saturday Night Live, who has been on his team since the early 2000s. But at the same time, he pursued his career in the world of cinema, taking part in several films, including 50 times the first kissAnd the Bride’s friends And the defect in shape. Appeared in successful TV series- up all nightAnd the The good place – also popped voice actressto voice some of the animated characters, including Connie V big mouth And Daniela Pagoro – the hero’s mother – V.I Luca.

As if through disappointment The rest of the cast

As if guides the actors through disappointment

Gabriela Baldachino (Ask about JaneAnd the Conners) he is MorganAnd theRobert’s teenage daughterWhich will play a major role in restoring balance to his family. In the first movie Morgan, still a baby, has the face of Rachel Covey. Yvette Nicole Brown And the Jama Mays They explain instead Rosalyn and RubyAnd the Best friends and Malvina’s “right hand”.ready to plot against Giselle when the protagonist turns the entire city into a fairytale world. Yvette Nicole Brown He is most famous for the TV series social communicationWhile Jama Mays Known by the general public for being the face of Emma Pillsbury in cheerful. Then they complete Cast Colton Stewart – Tyson Monroe, Malvina’s son is in love with Morgan Oscar Nunez Edgar. As voice actors, they stand out instead Griffin Newman – Who gave the voice to Pip, Giselle’s friend Squirrel – Ed Alan Tudykthe sound of “Parchment”, a magical gift given to Giselle for her daughter Sophia’s birthday.

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